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    I plan to attend the nursing program in Fall '13. I only have six more pre-reqs to complete. I need advice on the program because I'm so scared of what to expect. Should I apply this semester or wait until my pre-reqs are done? I plan to take the TEAS test this semester. I'm also unsure of should I go to Lowenburg or Southwest. The reason is because I really need to start making good money soon since I don't have outside help. Is it possible to work full time while in nursing school? Someone please give me your thoughts! Thanks! :-)
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    Definitely apply In March or February, when the application for the fall is due - if you apply now, they will assume you're applying for the spring, and because you haven't taken the TEAS, they will just send you a denial letter - not because your grades aren't good enough, but just because you haven't finished that requirement.
    I would definitely suggest Lowenberg. From what I've heard, the nursing students are incredibly overtrained, which makes them much more hirable in the Memphis area - an having a Bachelor's helps, too.
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    Oh! And I don't suggest working full time. The first semester starts with 17 credit hours, and working full time AND doing homework AND going to clinicals sounds ridiculous - make nursing school your first priority, and you'll benefit in the long run.
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    Thanks for the reply! But is it possible working on weekends because I really will need the financial help unless I take out more loans from school
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    I think you could certainly try. I completely understand needing that income; I do too. Just make sure to make time to study during the week.
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    I have a funding source that will pay a $10K bonus and $1K per month (Minus taxes) while in nursing school. PM for more details.
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    I don't know where else to go! I applied to LSON but was rejected due to not taking the TEAS. I am scheduled to take it 2/1/13. I am sort of nervous about the science portion too! I am getting 80s on other practice parts, but 60 to 70s for science, which is weird because I love science and I am a teacher! I guess I need to hit my A&P book more! LOL! My gpa is a 3.7 and my science prerequisites are a 3.1 (if that includes PSYC and NUTR). Are those included since they are prerequisites to get in? I can't reapply using the online application system because I already applied and they wanted me to contact their office to reapply. How does that work out???! So I emailed the person I was supposed to contact via email. Has anyone else had to do that?
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    Hi I also took the TEAS test on 2/1/13 (first attempt) and passed. I submitted my application to LSON on 2/4/13 and someone from the nursing department contacted me on 2/5/13 to verify some information on my application. I was surprised they had reviewed my application so soon after receiving it but I was also glad I did not submit the app until I completed the TEAS test. Maybe we'll wind up in class together, good luck!
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    Hi, I'm interested in learning more about the funding source you have I am a student waiting on acceptance into the nursing program at U of M and I certainly could use the income. Could you please contact me with more details. Thanks
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    I passed the exam on 2/1 and U of Memphis told me I should hear from them by Friday about my acceptance! I have been accepted to Union's accelerated BSN 15 month program, but I am still interested in Memphis because I already have a Bachelor's in Education from there. The only thing is... U of M was not accepting accelerated applicants for FALL 2013 and if I go there I will go 2.5 years v Union's 15 months. I am also waiting on UTHSC, which is a 17 month BSN program. Which program would you guys go with? Any suggestions?