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Hi, Thinking about applying to Union Unoversity for the accelerated nursing program. I just found out that they have a campus in Hendersonville, TN. Is this new? Does anyone know anything about... Read More

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    I spend about 16 hours a day on nursing.. Class and study, it seems that all I do is eat, sleep and nurse... Seriously!!!!
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    Tonight, went to the "information night" or whatever you call it. I was told that if you make below a 75 in ANY of your classes, you're out of the program.

    I'm having a hard time bringing myself to pay for tuition that is that expensive when I could fail out because I got sick and missed 3 days or a week of class. They don't have a normal-paced BSN program to fall back on in Hendersonville. You're either in or out. There seems to be no in between. This sucks.
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    That is correct a 75% average is the standard. And they are SERIOUS!! The best way I can describe this program is "accelerated but not abbreviated"... It is INTENSE!!!!!!!! You must commit or you will fail.... I know that's hard to hear but I wish someone would've told me beforehand. You can do it, but you have to know that it's NO JOKE!!!
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    Quote from umartin
    Yes, from August 2011 to December 2012... I think that's right... Or maybe it was October, lol.... But that first semester was Micro, Issues, Scientific Writing, Patho (some people had to take Psychology, Stats I think and a few other prereqs that I didn't have to)... All of those classes were from 5:30-8:30 or 9:30 pm...
    Hi Umartin,
    I will start these classes in the fall and I have some questions if you don't mind could you send me an email address mine is epitomeofedu@gmail.com
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    I was looking into going to Union University and would like to ask you a couple of questions. What score did you and your class mates make on the TEAS? Is there a set score you have to make to get accepted? Are you graduating soon? How many people failed out of the program?
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    Hey you guys I am new on this site. I am applying to union Germantown Campus and I was wondering could anybody that is in the program or applying to the program fall 2013 give me some in site on how the program is and what were some of you guys gpa...
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    are you finished with the program?