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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

  1. by   chelc31

    I'm new to this site but I just got excepted into the Hendersonville accelerated nursing program that starts in Fall 2013! I'm so very excited! Any one else on here accepted into the Hendersonville program? I am relocating from Washington State and it would be wonderful to know someone before jumping into this program!
  2. by   Tinker88
    Congrats Chelc!!! I am not at Hendersonville, but I will be at Germantown's campus! I'm just so excited for all of us on here who have been accepted! I think we should all keep in touch on here (or other forum) while we are in the program! It's going to be tough but we can do it!

    I think we go to classes on Saturday during the accelerated program and we do not get breaks (including federal holidays). Can anyone clarify this?

    If anyone is currently in Union's accelerated nursing program, I know many of us would love to know more about what it's like! Please share how it's going.
  3. by   combsj25
    Hi chelc I have been accepted into Union U Hendersonville campus for Fall 2013. I am Jillian - it is nice to "meet" you. I will try to send you a PM so we can exchange information. I will not know anyone in the Hendersonville area and/or at the program either.

    Tinker: I have heard that Union will try to keep Saturdays limited, but pretty much only guarantee Sundays off. I have heard it is quite intense for sure and that free time will be non existent.
    I love the idea of us exchanging info and trying to keep in touch for support system - even though we will not be at the same campus - we will all be going through the same things at the same times. I saw where there was a facebook page for students per cohort, but I assume this is specific to campus location only and doesn't include all campuses (But I do not know this for sure).

    Wishfulrn: Any news yet?
  4. by   beautiful901
    I am currently in the ABSN program Gtwn campus and yes it is very intense. Intense is putting it lightly. Some of our clinicals are on Saturday, no classes. The first session is the easiest, so enjoy the "free time" b/c once Jan term starts, free time is limited if at all. We do not get breaks, even during Christmas we had assignments/readings that we had to complete. My cohort created a facebook page once we knew who was actually in the program....some that were accepted did not start b/c of family/money issues.
  5. by   combsj25
    Thanks for responding!
    How many hours per day would you say you are putting in? I talked to someone previously and she said she was literally putting in 16-18 hours every single day. Just wanted to see if you found this to be the case.
  6. by   beautiful901
    Not sure why my last post is not showing, but yes, my day is that long or longer if I have the idea that sleep is for the weak. My typical day starts at 530 or 430 and ends b/w 1 am and 2 am. I am always studying no matter where I am, if I could drive and study I would.
  7. by   Tinker88
    Beautiful901...you are so thoughtful to come on here and take the time to share information with us! I just wanted to tell you! I am so nervous about the program. I'm not worried about session 1, but I worry about Jan-Dec sessions. Do you get to choose what time you take courses? I doubt you choose clinicals.
  8. by   beautiful901
    You are welcome, I was in the same boat as all of you last year and some one from this site, helped me. I will answer any questions that I can. PM me if you would like.
    No, Ms. Wendy registers us for all of our classes. Clinicals are scheduled by the instructors. We do not choose our clinical sites, but the instructors do ask what area of town we live in, and this may get you to a clinical site close to home. Either way, you may or may not get a clinical site close to home. Once Christmas break was over, we hit the ground running or flying! All I can say is or heads were spinning on that 1st day and will still spin at this point.
  9. by   wishfulrn2be
    Hello all! Combsj25, no word yet.....still hopeful! Has anyone had the actual interview yet? What type of questions were asked?
  10. by   combsj25
    Hey wishful - interviews are not required any longer!
    And beautiful - yea thank-you so kindly for your responses and insight. We know how busy you are and we appreciate it very much!!!!!!
    Sounds like since I have the summer off I should catch up on fun and sleep as both may be a thing of the past once the program starts.
  11. by   Amcanarn
    Beautiful901, I really appreciate the info! How long do classes normally last? I imagine the classes are quite long, considering that they're accelerated.
  12. by   Amcanarn
    By the way, is anyone else applying for private loans? I've been looking for loans that don't require a co-signer. Wells Fargo MedCAP appears to be my best bet. I'm only 22, and my credit history is fairly new. Let me know what you all find, if you're in the same boat!
  13. by   combsj25
    Hi Beautiful: thanks again for providing such valuable information I really do appreciate it. I was thinking since your last post about the long hours you put in... Would you mind sharing how much time on average you put in for classes vs. clinicals vs. study time.
    I am about 35-40 miles from campus and have been thinking I may need to move WAY closer to campus so that I do not have such a long commute. Anyway, just wondering how much of your time is actually spent on campus.
    Thanks in advance.

    GeorgiaPeach: What campus are you attending (or considering attending)? I can't speak to your question yet... I am waiting for my Financial Aid package to see where I stand and what I might need.