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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Hey everyone,
    I joined this site to hopefully get some much needed input (I've called, and called, and called.... and emailed UU to no avail, and it takes WEEKS to get a response from them right now). I have a bachelors in science, and have applied for the Hendersonville, Spring 2013 ABSN program. Because my AP pre-reqs are in progress, I received an acceptance letter as an "alternate canditate". They have given me less than a week's notice to come up with 600.00! (For a VERY newly wed, on a tight budget, with nearly no notice, this amount is almost crippling to procure.) What happens if I come up with this money and I don't get accepted this spring and still have to apply for the fall? Should I risk making my other bills late to come up with this money, and not be able to by my new husband ANYTHING for Christmas to take the chance that I COULD get in, in the spring? Or just wait and apply for the fall? Does anyone know what the chances are of actually getting in as an alternate? Any info, or maybe just some encouragement, would be great! Thanks!

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    Dantexs77, I don't have an answer for you, but let me know what you figure out, in case I end up in the same boat. You should try calling admissions as soon as their office opens! If there is a possibility that you won't be accepted after paying the $600, then I wouldn't risk it. They extended the Fall deadline to Feb 1st. Perhaps you could reapply for the Fall semester?
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    Anyone hear any news?
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    I havent heard anything further from them. I can only imagine they are busy but I know the applicants who havent heard anything yet are in agony
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    I actually heard back today! Wendy called and wanted my Fall transcript and said that admissions will call me back after they receive it. I also received an email that read this, "You will be notified by email when all items have been received and your file is complete. Following the application deadline, applicants will be selected for interview. If selected, interviews will be held on the campus in which you are applying. Upon completion of the interview process, you will be notified by mail of the admissions committee's decision regarding your acceptance into the program. Final admissions decisions are typically made by early May, with orientations normally taking place in June for the fall cohorts and after the application deadline for the spring cohort."

    It doesn't say anything about the TEAS, but I'm scheduled to take it in Jan anyway.
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    Hey Everyone! I read that the deadline for the Hendersonville ABSN Fall 2013 has been extended to February 1st. Does this mean then Georgiapeachgal that we will not receive any notification until then? Also, does anyone know if we are able to do interviews (if selected) through Skype?
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    Ahhhhhhh I was conditionally accepted! I am so excited!
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    Hey georgiapeachgal do you still have prerequisites to take
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    Just A&P2. According to the email, as long as my gpa doesn't slip below a 2.8 I'm in. I think I'm good since I have a 3.6!
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    Yeah ur good to go....no worries.

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