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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

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    Well, it could be that you get the bill, but you have by a certain date to pay it, such as at the beginning of the semester. My current school bills my account when I register, but my scholarship (and Stafford) money isn't sent to the school until August. I wouldn't worry! I can forward you the lengthy message she sent to me.

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    For whatever reason, it won't let me send any more private messages. If you want me to reply to any thing private, message me an email address and I'll get back to you.
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    Thanks girl!
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    I spoke with the program coordinator today and she said that we have to have CPR training for healthcare professionals by the American Heart Association. I don't know for sure, but I think we are to take the "BLS for healthcare providers" course. She didn't specify on that. She did mention that when time gets closer they will tell us dates for the CPR classes, but we can go ahead and take the course.
    We will register online around the end of April and they will tell us when to take classes (terms and times).
    And she did mention that orientation would be around the last week in May or first week in June. They're still discussing the online thing. I hope it's online if they do it in May. I'll be teaching and writing on permanent records!!! Can't miss that But I would love to meet people in person if they do it on June. I prefer June and meeting folks, but we will see!!! Time is flying by quickly. We will be sitting in class sooner than we think
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    Thank you so much for the info, Tinker! I was hoping that somebody would get more information about orientation. I would be totally fine with orientation in person! I've never been on the campus, so I'd really like to be there before moving. I'm excited!
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    I agree! It would be nice to take a tour and get to know others! Do you know if we will have to travel to the Jackson Campus for stimulations? I'm pretty sure we do, but I have no idea where I heard this! LOL. I am super excited too!
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    Hey ladies! I am sorry I've been MIA! I'm planning a wedding because I got engaged in February!!!!!!!!! I have decided not to attend Union because I was accepted to the MSN-CNL program at University of Tennessee! I'm sorry I won't have the opportunity to meet all of you girls but I wish you all the very very best of luck! I'm sure we will all still be in contact on here
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    Hello Everyone,
    New to the site, but I have been watching this forum for a while. Received my acceptance letter from Union University at Hendersonville for the Fall 2013
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    Congrats to you both!!!
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    Congrats, you guys! I'm not sure, Tinker. I hadn't heard that, but traveling to Jackson would be fun. I just found out that the Germantown campus has interlibrary loan, so I'm ecstatic, over all things. Haha. I love research and books.

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