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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

  1. by   Amcanarn
    Good luck, Combs! I love A&P, just not the stress. And Tinker is right. It's hard learning in large classes, unless the textbook is thorough.
  2. by   combsj25
    Right back at you Georgia Peach. I too LOVE it... it truly is so fascinating. But definitely a lot of work. For me the worst part is the silly trick questions on the exams. I think I know a topic inside and out, but then come test question time I realize I may know it inside and out, but not backward and forward too
    I managed an A in AP1, but have this sinking feeling AP2 is going to serve me a B
  3. by   Tinker88
    I have a question...
    I took microbiology in 2008 when I was a sophomore and passed with a B in the lab and C in the lecture. Do you think I will have to take it again at Union?
    If I don't have to take it, what specific things should we be expected to know about microbiology in the program? I guess I will just have to do some research online and find videos/notes to review.
    I am doing that now with A&P. I have been reading my textbook and taking notes/making outlines just to retain the information for the program (it's been over 8 months since A&P classes). I don't want to forget the material and feel like an idiot!!!
  4. by   combsj25
    Tinker: do you have any other classes to transfer in?
    Union will accept up to 7 credits for first semester, of the most common being Micro, lifespan and Stats? But again, only 7 - not the entire 10.
    I was told they are picky about the stats in that it must be from the Math department. (For example my stats was actually Biz. Stats. So I don't think it will transfer) I haven't heard any specifics about Micro, but am thinking you will not need to retake it.
    Though I have all 3 done already - looks like I will be re-taking stats. Oh how I wish I could just retake lifespan of the 3 )
  5. by   Tinker88
    I have microbiology and I think lifespan. I was required to take a lifespan course in the educational psychology department while I was getting my elementary education bachelor's. Maybe that will transfer too! I have not taken stats yet.
  6. by   Amcanarn
    I just received my grade for the cardio chapters and it was lower than I anticipated, so I feel you. I'm afraid of lab though. I received an email from Wendy and she said that they changed the requirements and that we can transfer as many of the prereqs for that first semester. I can forward you the email.
  7. by   Amcanarn
    Yeah, the email reads non-nursing classes, so as long as it's not a nursing class, you should be able to transfer it. I decided to take micro at Union, however.
  8. by   Tinker88
    Thanks so much!!! Could you please send me a private message with what she sent you? I would really appreciate it!
  9. by   Amcanarn
  10. by   Amcanarn
    If y'all take math stats, find a professor who allows calculators on tests! I got lucky this semester and I'm not the greatest at math.
  11. by   combsj25
    Hey GeorgiaPeach that is exciting news. Would you mind sending me the email? Thanks.
  12. by   Amcanarn
    Okay, check your inbox!
  13. by   Tinker88
    Are any of you applying to for a stafford loan? I applied for it but haven't heard anything yet. Will Union contact me about my stafford loan? I was just wondering. Also Union recommends getting a private loan too, but if I get plenty of stafford I see no point in applying for a private. The interest is higher I looked into the Wells Fargo loan, but I'm going to just wait and see how the stafford goes.