U of M Loewenberg Collge of Nursing Spring 2018 Applicants

  1. Hello everyone,

    I applied for the spring term. I wanted to chat with others who applied for the spring term as well, as we wait for a determination letter. I am currently taking microbiology, wellness and psychology at the U of M. Is there anyone else finishing up perquisites or gen Ed courses while you wait on a reply from the nursing department? Has anyone gotten an early acceptance before November? And if there is a discussion published already for Loewenberg's spring 2018 applicants, please point me into its direction.

    Best of luck everyone!
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  3. by   HFavored1
    I applied for Spring 2018 and waiting as well. I'm taking Micro, statistics, and nutrition to finish my prerequisites at Union. I check my application DAILY! It says "under review ". I think Ive read all the posts from previous semesters. They usually start receiving decisions around November.
  4. by   Mrgivens
    I have also applied for spring of 2018 and will have all pre reqs completed by fall of 2017. I've heard if you have at least a 2.8 and all pre reqs completed you've got a good shot at acceptance, considering there isn't a massive volume of applicants for the spring.

    Best of luck to all! I'm sure we are all praying.
  5. by   HFavored1
    Yes! All in faith. I really hope there are too many applicants. Even more that the favor of God will reign. I was reading today where past applicants received decisions as early as October 13th. This wait is horrible.
  6. by   Dreamer05
    The wait is torture! I called on yesterday and was told that there is usually up to 800 applications with only 150 seats available; however, 45 of those seats are for MSN. She couldn't give a standard gpa cutoff due to it changing every enrollment. And they that typically reply by Nov 1; furthermore, there is no such thing as early acceptance. And the wait continues . . . Best of luck guys!
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  7. by   HFavored1
    I called today. The woman I spoke with informed me the person I needed to speak with was out today (Toni Marie), to call back Monday. THEN she said "but I think I remember her saying decisions would go out the end of November. " No way!
  8. by   Mrgivens
    I would've thought spring semester would have less applicants
  9. by   HFavored1
    What makes you say that?
  10. by   Mrgivens
    I always thought the majority of majors started in the fall. I know the nursing program at NWCC only starts in the fall. But maybe I'm wrong.
  11. by   HFavored1
    You may be right. I was just asking. Well, since we're past the deadline it could be any day.

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