TN Wesleyan Fall 2012

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    Anyone else waiting for their letter? They go out Friday!
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    I got my letter on Wednesday and I got in! Did you hear back?
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    I got mine Wednesday too and I'm in! So excited!
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    Congrats! Do you know if you're going there?
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    Yeah, I already sent in my acceptance! haha I applied to TWC and Roane State. I haven't heard back from Roane yet but TWC was my first choice anyway. Are you planning on going to TWC?
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    I sent in my acceptance! I applied to there and LMU, but I won't hear back from LMU until June.. so TWC it is! They were my first choice anyways
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    Yay! Do you have anymore classes to take this summer? I'm taking a few to finish up my pre-reqs.
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    I've got micro, religion and fine arts this summer.. Full schedule but it's worth it!
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    Absolutely worth it! I will be taking three or four classes too. I took A&P 1 & 2 plus stats together last summer - you will do great! Where are you taking your classes?

    I basically crammed the entire two years worth of pre-reqs into one year so I still have a few to go but I don't mind. I really enjoy school! haha
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    I can't believe you crammed 2 years worth into one! Kudos to you for finishing them & doing well I'm taking micro & fine arts at PSTCC but I'm taking religion at TWC. What do you have left to take?