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  1. Has anyone on here taking the compass test and failed one part of it and still been accepted into the program. I have taken the test twice I passed the math part with flying colors the first time. So on the second time I only had to retake the reading portion. You must make an 80 to even to even qualify for the program and both times I made 74 its just basic reading and answering questions. So im not sure why this is so difficult for me I do plan to retake in january. I am tryin very hard not to get discouraged and give up because becoming a nurse is all that I have ever wanted. So any advice,help, comments would be helpful. Thanks
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  3. by   gbj2b
    Which TTC did you apply for? Nashville? Hartsville?
  4. by   pcarter2324
    TN tech Covington
  5. by   msturn1975
    I hope you do well. Have you always had problems with reading or is it just feeling like your pressured and running out of time on the exam? My lowest scores have always been in reading comprehension. I am starting nursing school in January and dread the hours of reading required-it's like I have to read the pages over and over again to understand because I get distracted easily or lose interest-not because I can't understand the material. I think it is anxiety before an exam-if you can get that under control you will do fine. Because you are passionate you will succeed.
  6. by   pcarter2324
    Thanks for the encouraging words. The funny thing is I have always did very well in reading, math was my worse subject but I passed the math the first time with flying colors. I think i get bored after reading the long passages because im not failing with by much the minimum you must make is an 80, the first time i made a 74 and the second time a 79. I think I just need to take my time read every passage more than once if I have to and answer the questions. This is the only thing holding me back and I want it so bad.

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