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  1. Any TTE students-to-be here? I will be starting in January.
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  3. by   hope1234
    I attend TTE. Started in May..
  4. by   gonnago4it
    I am scared to death of how it is going to be. Is it as bad as they say?
  5. by   hope1234
    Not sure what everyone has told u but it is VERY fast paced. We do anywhere from 2-4 chp. in A&P per week. They try to cram as much as they can in before we start clinicials, which i am already doing,and only started in May. The Foundations is'nt to bad, mostly common sense stuff. Get your social life in now cause u wont have much time for one after u start. I study 5-6 hrs each night.
    If u can, get u a A&P book now and get a head start. That helped me alot. And study up on MedTerm.
  6. by   gonnago4it
    Wow your doing your clinicals already?
  7. by   hope1234
    yep. started 2 weeks ago. LTC first then hospitals and dr office.
  8. by   gonnago4it
    So you won't be there the whole year? Any Idea when you might expect to finish and get your LPN? I was told its about a year but dependent on the person. I am a little unclear on that part. If there is a way for me to finish early I will completely absorb myself into my studies.
  9. by   hope1234
    I expect to graduate April 2012. To my knowledge, there is no way to graduate early. The class is 11 months for all. We all learn and test together. U will b evaluated each term. U must maintain a 81 average to remain in the class. Not to say your grades cant drop below 81. Im saying, at the end of each term, after u have taken the final for each class that term, your average for each class must b 81 or above to advance to the next term. Hope this helps
  10. by   gonnago4it
    Thank you very much. You answered a lot of my questions in your last post. I have gotten mixed answers from TTE.
  11. by   hope1234
    U r welcome, anytime. It is all very confusing. oh, one more thing off the top of my head. Dont plan on buying ur books cheaper online. They wont release the book list. They kinda force u to buy it from the bookstore. And if they tell u that you will get ur fin. aid reembursement check( if u get fin.aid), soon after u start, that is wrong. We got ours last week.
  12. by   hopefulnurseab
    HI i am getting ready to apply for here on the third of Oct and was wanting to know about the application process and about what time you got there on the day they were accepting applications. Also if you dont mind me asking how come you'll be starting in January instead of September. This makes me nervous that the January class is already full. :-(
  13. by   hope1234
    To hopefulnurseab: Have u already taken ur Compass?
  14. by   hopefulnurseab
    yes i have and i passed it! i took it here in knoxville. Im on the waiting list here for January but I also wanted to apply for elizabethons program.