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    Any TTE students-to-be here? I will be starting in January.

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    I attend TTE. Started in May..
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    I am scared to death of how it is going to be. Is it as bad as they say?
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    Not sure what everyone has told u but it is VERY fast paced. We do anywhere from 2-4 chp. in A&P per week. They try to cram as much as they can in before we start clinicials, which i am already doing,and only started in May. The Foundations is'nt to bad, mostly common sense stuff. Get your social life in now cause u wont have much time for one after u start. I study 5-6 hrs each night.
    If u can, get u a A&P book now and get a head start. That helped me alot. And study up on MedTerm.
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    Wow your doing your clinicals already?
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    yep. started 2 weeks ago. LTC first then hospitals and dr office.
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    So you won't be there the whole year? Any Idea when you might expect to finish and get your LPN? I was told its about a year but dependent on the person. I am a little unclear on that part. If there is a way for me to finish early I will completely absorb myself into my studies.
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    I expect to graduate April 2012. To my knowledge, there is no way to graduate early. The class is 11 months for all. We all learn and test together. U will b evaluated each term. U must maintain a 81 average to remain in the class. Not to say your grades cant drop below 81. Im saying, at the end of each term, after u have taken the final for each class that term, your average for each class must b 81 or above to advance to the next term. Hope this helps
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    Thank you very much. You answered a lot of my questions in your last post. I have gotten mixed answers from TTE.
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    U r welcome, anytime. It is all very confusing. oh, one more thing off the top of my head. Dont plan on buying ur books cheaper online. They wont release the book list. They kinda force u to buy it from the bookstore. And if they tell u that you will get ur fin. aid reembursement check( if u get fin.aid), soon after u start, that is wrong. We got ours last week.

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