TN License question - page 2

by pirello77

Hi Everyone! I have a question- I am applying for an endorsed license to TN. What does UNAPPROVED APPLICANT on the TN BON mean? :confused: I am not familiar with how the status goes for the TN BON. I will call the TN BON... Read More

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    I have the same above question, l just took my nclex yesterday, l am getting pearsonvue good pop up but now BON l see my name saying, unapproved applicant....? I am freaking out.
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    It will say. this until a week and a day after you took your nclex...
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    How do you check the status of your RN endorsement application? And about how long did it take for you guys to receive your endorsement. I sent my app in two weeks ago.
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    Yes it is normal for it to say Unapproved Applicant on all applicants endorsed or not.