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Hi Everyone! I have a question- I am applying for an endorsed license to TN. What does UNAPPROVED APPLICANT on the TN BON mean? :confused: I am not familiar with how the status goes for the TN... Read More

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    Yes it is normal for it to say Unapproved Applicant on all applicants endorsed or not.
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    How long does it take once you submit your application for your name to come up and say "Unapproved Applicant" and "Application in progress"? I sent everything in two and a half weeks ago and my name is not showing up on the BON site. I know they received it because I was able to track the package.
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    I can see that TN BON has received my application on How long should I expect to wait until I get my actual ATT now??
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    Hi fellow nurses!

    I had this exact question. Please allow the Tennessee Board of Nursing (TBON) up to 10 business days to process you application after taking the NCLEX. If you still have not heard any news please call 615-532-5166. It took the TBON 7 business days to complete my application after I took the NCLEX. Be persistent but professional when speaking to the receptionist and their office will expedite your application. Good luck and have a great life being a nurse.