Is there anyone applying to Motlow or Tennessee Tech Murfreesboro for Spring? - page 2

I have applied or am applying to three different schools...Three different entrance exams...Am I crazy for even trying this? Please let me know there are other stressed out pre nursing students out there...I work full time... Read More

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    I applied for the fall. Only letter or email not back. Got my other two letters.

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    Did you get accepted into the Motlow Nursing program? for fall '12
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    has motlow sent out acceptance letters for fall 2012?
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    Letters haven't gone out yet, very soon though. I applied for fall. Have an Lpn friend waiting to hear for summer..
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    Hi, all!

    I, too, applied to Motlow for Fall12. My understanding is that your 'acceptance letter' is delivered by email to your Motlow student account. I'll will post an update as soon as mine arrives. Might you do the same so we'll know when to "be on the lookout"?

    Thanks . . . and good luck!
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    Yes, the acceptance/rejection letters do come through the school e-mail. Seemed like last year the LPN candidates found out about a week before the generic RNs did. Should be anytime!! Good luck to all of us.
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    I made a 93 on my hesi too
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    E-mails have went out! I got in!
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    Congratulations, achavez . . . I made it, too! I was ecstatic as I opened that email message! Maybe we'll see each other at the orientation June 1!
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    Thank you! Congrats to you as well. Which campus did you get? I'll be in McMinnville.

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