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Hello! I have been studying this site for months now, and I have been trying to figure out which path to take for my Nursing dream. I have considered LPN, RN, then LPN or RN to BSN then to MSN... after months of stressing over... Read More

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    How many students are there per class in the nursing program

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    Depends on which class & which semester. The acceptance rate right now is 64 per semester. Usually you have some that fail their one class that come back, in addition to others that have had to take leave & then come back. Currently our 4th semester class is the biggest they've had (they had to offer Critical care in the summer to accommodate all the students for clinicals). We had had 80 students in class last semester during med-surg & Women's Health (L&D & Maternity). Are you thinking off attending? If so shoot me a pm & I will be happy to answer any questions I have.

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    Just checking back in >1 year later... I've now been an RN for 6 months and I felt MTSU helped me immensely. I am now practicing on a floor of a hospital where it is almost unheard of for new grad nurses to start, and I really couldn't have done it without the cut-above-the-rest education I got at MTSU, seriously. I know it is based on the person, but any new grads from other area schools have been more "lost" and less able to adapt than MTSU grads that I have spoken to and that I've worked with.
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    Hey- what days were your classes, what did you make on your hesi scores, and what kind of questions did they ask you during your interview?

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    I got in! I'm in 3rd semester now! And at the interview they ask why you want to be a nurse, strengths and weaknesses, what you think a nurse is, about any work experience, why they should choose you, etc.
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    Congrats!!!! I'm finishing up 5th semester right now. Ordered my cap & gown today in fact! Keep going it's worth it =)


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