Southwest Tn Community College

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    I just found out yesterday that I was accepted to the nursing program at SWTCC!!! I'm very excited yet scared to death at the same time. I'm looking for advice and what to expect from former students. Where did you buy your scrubs, stethoscope, and shoes??? How are the classes?:wink2:


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    Hey Malin823! I am really interested in attending southwest! I was wondering could you give me some tips on the entry part. Like, what was your GPA? What do they look for? What was your NLN test score? How long did it take for you to get in? Just things of that sort! Tahnks I reallly would appreciate that! Oh yea! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink2:
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    Hey Shandra2008,

    I really don't have any tips other than to do your best on your pre-reqs and make sure you get ALL of your application stuff in on time. If you have to mail something call before the due date to make sure they got it. Luckily I called the day before the due date and there was one form or something they didn't receive and I was able to fax it over. I made a 125 on the NLN (I'm terrible in math). Had A's in A&P I & II and a B in Microbiology, don't really think that they look at your GPA. I was accepted the first time that I applied to Southwest but was denied twice at Northwest MSCC. Good Luck!!!
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    Thanks so much for that! I am at Northwest right now finishing my prereq's! I am applying to Baptist, and Phillips community college in arkansas! Im applying to these 2 schools for the fall! Im going to apply for Southwest and Northwest for the spring! I appreciate your info! GOODLUCK with everything!
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    I got accepted to Southwest for Fall 2009 TOO!! I am so excited!!!! Which teachers should we take and what teachers should we avoid!!!??
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    Hey TN NurseStudent21,
    I have no earthly idea which teachers are good or not!!! I know nothing about Southwest. I took all of my pre-reqs at Northwest. Do you know anything about Southwest? Where did you take your pre-reqs? I'm just too excited!! Do you know what supplies we need? What color are the scrubs and where do we get them?
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    Shandra2008, I actually looked at Phillips in Arkansas and decided it was just too far for me to drive. It looked like a good school though...good luck, hope everything works out for you!!!
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    LOL! Thanks Khakiman! It's is like a hour away but I think I can do it! Good luck to everyone on their journeys! I hope to be on my way soon!:wink2:
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    I took my pre-reqs at at Southwest. I know there are some teachers I have heard about to avoid. But we can check them out at But all my classes were at macon so I didnt see any of the current Nursing students cause all their classes are downtown at the Union campus!! I am so so so exicted! I have no Idea what color the scrubs are but I someone at Southwest told me orientation is May 11 so we should find out then!! YAY! Congrats to you!
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    Well, you know...I'm sure we'll find out mostly everything when we pick up our packets next Friday. Yay!! I'm too excited too!!! Can't stop thinking about it!! LOL Let me know if you find out anything else and I'll do the same....Yay Us!!!

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