Southwest TN Community College (Memphis)

  1. Hello all.

    I'm a current LPN student, and am planning on starting my RN pre-reqs once I get my license. I'm planning on going to Southwest for the LPN-to-RN fast track. Does anyone have any experience specifically with Southwest's RN program at all, fast track or not?

    I have some conflicting information on the LPN fast track that I need to clear up, and I've been waiting for an email from the department for a long time. Some people have told me that I need to have my LPN license for at least one year before applying for the fast track. Others have said that I just need an LPN license and proof of current employment as an LPN in Tennessee. The Southwest website and student catalog only mention the latter -- nothing about the one year requirement.

    Any have any idea if they actually do require one year of licensure?
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  3. by   ejonesstudent
    I am currently at southwest in the RN program. I do not know how long you have to have your LPN license. You should call and ask them. Call 333-5000 and ask them to connect you to the nursing school. You should get Carmen, the secretary and she should be able to tell you. HOpe this helps.
  4. by   cinja
    Check out Union University, They have LPN to BSN and a BSN degree completion program starting this spring/summer.
  5. by   Murse901
    Thanks for the replies. I finally did get an answer back.
    There used to be a one-year work experience required; however, at some point it did get left off the web site. If you get your license by July of this year, you will be close to the one year requirement so it shouldn't be a problem. Much more important is the A & P I, II and micro requirement.
    As far as Union University, I've done a little research on them. They seem to be pretty popular, but I just don't think they're what I'm looking for right now. But thanks for the info. I may change my mind by next summer.