Roane State Fall 2012

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    I just wanted to start a new tread for those of us that have applied to Roane State and are awaiting letters in May. Everyone please feel free to share your thoughts and questions. Good Luck ALL

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    I'm in the waiting game for RSCC Fall 2012!! No questions yet. But as soon as I get that letter of acceptance, I'm sure there will be a million! Unless it's a letter of rejection.... I have my hopes up so much that I don't know what I'll do if I don't get in. And waiting until May? I might just die of nervousness waiting on that email!
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    I applied to Roane State and TN Wesleyan. I can't believe I'm finally here on the other side of the application process just waiting to hear back!

    Did you apply to any other schools? Are you still taking classes this semester?

    Why does it have to take so long to go through the applications!? Aaah! This will be the longest semester of my life.
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    I am waiting too! I have applied for the LPN to RN. I cannot even think of what I will do if I don't get in. I'm getting to old to wait much longer! In process of taking AP 2 and micro right now, anybody else taking these classes right now at Oak Ridge?
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    I heard it takes so long to go through all the applicants because RSCC does all of the other Health Sciences apps first and its the same committee or something to that nature, not to mention usually over 800 people apply. YIKES!!!! I also applied to PSCC and they are sending out letters by mid March. I'm going crazy waiting this year. I finished all my classes Spring of last year. ~Praying, hoping, and trying to pass time until we hear something!
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    I read on the testing website at RSCC that they won't even begin looking at applications until April!! They're still allowing students to take the HESI until then. I'm hoping that they somehow send out acceptance/rejection letters early by mistake
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    A little over 6 weeks left!! Anyone going to the nursing advisement session next Tuesday??
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    @ NIKKI2286- Do you mind if I ask what kind of grades you had when you were accepted? Also, GPA, what classes you had completed, etc.? I'm freaking out here. I was talking with a girl in A&P yesterday, and she said they didn't accept anyone with a GPA below 3.8. I know there's nothing else I can do to improve my chances, but I just wondered where I might stand.
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    When is the advising meeting? I haven't gotten an email on that yet. Also I didn't get in last year, I applied but wasn't accepted. A lot of things go in to consideration like # of hours I don't know how true the 3.8 GPA rumor is, but I've heard the same thing. I noticed in previous years people were getting in and not having all their general ed. classes done, but it all depends on the pool of applicants for that specific year. I will tell you what my grades are: Comp I- B, Speech-A, Humanities elec- A, Math- A, Psch- A, Biol2010&2020- C's , Biol2230- B; I made a 97%on the HESI, but they just look at pass or fail. What kind of grades do you have? I'm so curious about how I stack up with everyone as well.
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    The advising meeting is Tuesday, the 20th. That's in like...4 days. I just got the email two days ago. It's from 5-6 pm in Oak Ridge, room A-111. So far, I have 19 hours completed. I'm in A&P 2 and Micro right now. I got a B in A&P 1, B in Comp., A in Psych., B in Speech, A in Algebra, and an A in Humanities elective. I passed the HESI with a 90-something, and now I'm freaking out. If you didn't get in, what's to make me think I even stand a chance?? And Roane is all I applied to. Dang.

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