Relocating to Chattanooga, inquiring about new grad pay

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    My husband will be separating from the military next year and I will be graduating with my BSN from Macon State College in Georgia. He is from Chattanooga and we would like to move there after he separates.

    I am trying to figure out the cost of living and how much new grads make at Erlanger and Memorial. I tried to find this information on their sites but it is not public information.

    Does anyone have updated information for the staff nurse pay rates for these hospitals? Also I just started as a nurse extern on a med-surg floor so I am not sure if this could count towards experience.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you.
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    I know new grad at vanderbilt in nashville $18.75/hr. I responded because chattanooga is "just up the road" sorta speak.
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    Thank you, for the information, Zorabanks. I appreciate it .
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    Quote from zorabanks
    I know new grad at vanderbilt in nashville $18.75/hr. I responded because chattanooga is "just up the road" sorta speak.
    I think it's more like $20.83 now.
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    Hello, Not sure if you're still looking for info but I have a little I can share I am working at Erlanger and 2 close friends from nursing school are at the others.

    Erlanger new grad PRN 26.00/ hr 1.75 3-11 shift diff 3.50 11-7 shift diff 2.00 extra on weekends

    Hutcheson new grad 18.50/hr Full Time 4.00 11-7 shift diff

    Memorial Hixson new grad ~ 19/hr Full time (it is 19 and some change i can't remember) with 3.50 shift diff 11-7

    I think new grad at Erlanger for full time is 19 something also but I was offered PRN and took the job. Good luck
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