Nurse-Patient ratios in Tennessee

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    I overheard a discussion today between two employees (non-clinical) about nursing wages, meeting the "market" on hourly wages versus nurse-patient ratio. We discussed the issues faced by our organization in providing nursing care. I am curious in knowing what the nurse-patient ratios are for various patient care areas, particularly in Southeast Tennessee. It's my own, very informal survey. My interest in this topic was recently piqued by the care a family member received at the teaching hospital where I am employed.

    I'm curious to know your city or general region, in what area of the hospital you work, day versus night shift, number of LPNs to RNs and nurse-patient ratio.

    Thank you for your help!

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    I work in Memphis area... tele unit. Days is usually 1:5, nights 1:6. Usually charge nurse doesn't take patients unless short staffed. If they don't take patients, then they will usually take a pt that comes from ER so the staffing doesn't go over. Usually have 3 CNAs first/second shift and 2 for third shift... for 40ish beds. I hear another hospital is a little bit better ratios, and another is much worse ratios (talking double digits)
    The hospital where I attend clinical: uro unit 5:1 days, med-surg unit 7:1 days (way too many IMO)
    Where I work we typically have 1-2 LPNS with about 4-6RNs

    This is an important topic for me. I do NOT plan to work someplace with unsafe patient loads. Opens up way too much room for error. It will definitely be a deciding factor when choosing where to spend my first year in nursing.
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    I work in ICU at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. We have 2 patients per nurse, unless the patient is extremely critical, then 1:1. We also have a charge nurse that does not take patients unless short staffed. It is 16 beds. Day shift has a CNA. I can't complain, pretty good place to work.
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    I work in Knoxville and the patient/nurse ration on nights is 1:6 up to 1:8 the charge nurse takes patients, usually 2 or 3 CPs. Day shift is varies from 1:4 to 1:6 with the charge nurse also taking patients, usually 2 or 1 CPs so their patient load is either about 14 or 21.
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    I live in NE TN working in hospital case case load is around 25.
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    Thanks TNNurseCCM. I'm also certified as a case manager and was thinking of moving back into case management rather than stay as a floor nurse. Do you find that your case load of 25 is reasonable for case management? Are most of the arrangements for home care or NH placement done at the last minute like it appears to be done at the hospital I work at?
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    Actually, our social workers do the bulk of the DCP...which ideally is done early in the admission. We are strict on our length of stay. Our focus right now for CMs is that we make sure we get the needed physician documentation for correct DRG assignment and to capture the complexity of each pts' condition upon admission. We had some education last spring in this area. We also are trying to make sure our CMS indicators are captured (PNA, CHF, MI, HnK). We have quite a few other areas of responsibilites. One huge job is making sure the DCP is getting done. SW don't have the focus or accountability as we do in our LOS. Our goal for pt case load is 20 and when we are fully staffed, we reach that goal. But recently, we have been having shortages.
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    Thank you all for responding.

    Daybrightener, on what sort of nursing unit do you work? Med-surg, medical, ortho, etc.? Does CP stand for care partner?
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    I work at a hospital in West TN between Memphis and Nashville. The med surg unit I work on has 3 RN's (depending on staff available) and 3 LPN's to 42 patients. Nurse to patient ratio is 1:7. There are 2 license nurses to 14 patients. This could be (and is in many cases) 2 LPN's to 14 patients. As you can imagine, we have a very high turnover of staff.
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    Our daughter lives in Pall Mall, and is trying to get us to move to TN, nearer to her. I really do want to. Have sent applications to both Livingston and Cookeville hospitals, but know nothing about them......nor about where we might look for a place to live in those areas. Have only been to Cookeville x2, shopping with her. Any insight you can share would be GREATLY appreciated. I have just under a year Med-surg since receiving my RN, other primary experiences are in Departmetn of COrrections and Long-term care facilities. Thanks for your help, as well as anyone else out there with any helpful information. :spin:

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