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Hey gang- I have to choose between TSU or MTSU's nursing programs by July. I've basically been accepted "unoffically" into the their programs. The problem is I don't know which is the better fit. TSU is soooo much closer and... Read More

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    Quote from dolphin2011
    @johnny depp23 Just realized you sent me a message & I can't figure out how to reply!? I have no idea why someone at MTSU would tell you that's the grading scale or the schedule.. that's weird. J. Kelly handles the online RN to BSN programs anyway. All our classes are 90-100 A, 82-89 B and 75-81 C. and we absolutely do not go M-F all day. We had M-W last semester (mostly half days - longer on your lab day), and it will be M, Tues & either W or Th this semester depending on what your clinical day is.
    ... after she told me that I was like... WTH lol.

    That schedule and grading scale you just wrote sounds MUCH more appealing than Belmont's by far!

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