MTSU NURSING (books) QUESTION - page 4

Hey, for those of you in the nursing program at mtsu, is that Health Assessment video really necessary? It's like 150 bucks, and I don't want to buy something if I can get by without it... If you have any advice about what to... Read More

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    Found great deals on books for my first semester classes:

    I got Jarvis Health Assessement 5e for 3 bucks. And Health and Gerontoloy was just 40 brand new.
    Just need to find a cheap Prof. of nursing book and I'm all set.

    What book did you use for pharmacology and Med Surg?

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    Med Surg was Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, 6e. Pharmacology was Pharmacology for Nursing Care 7th edition. I dont remember actually using the Gerontology book. That class was totally common sense.
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    sweet - thanks for the info.

    hey, did you know anybody that took health asmnt online? I see they have a few being taught online but I didn't think we were allowed to take anything online.
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    The online class is either for Rn to BSN or LPN to BSN students. The only online class we can take is the elective.

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