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  1. I just applied to the nursing program for spring 2015! Just wondering if there was anybody else out there to share the nervousness with! Haha I previously applied for the fall and did not get in, so I am really nervous this time. I brought my GPA up from a 3.3 to a 3.5 and my HESI score went up from an 83 to a 91! Last time I got a 3.5 on my interview so maybe I can bring that up as well! I'd love to hear when you all get called for your interview! Good luck!
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  3. by   luckeeTN
    Have you gotten a call about an interview yet? I haven't heard anything... I'm so nervous!
  4. by   swright42
    I haven't heard anything yet, but like I said some of the interviews aren't until the end of the month. You are guaranteed an interview as long as you included all of the materials required and your GPA and HESI scores are high enough, which they are. Don't worry! Just relax and prepare for the interview.
  5. by   rkp213
    oh really?? I didnt know you were guaranteed an interview! That kinda makes me feel better haha. I am waiting as well for Spring 2015. I'm so anxious. I got a 91 on HESI and an 3.5 GPA. I turned in my application early September so this wait is probably the worst part of the whole process! I will check back to see if anyone has been called...
  6. by   luckeeTN
    I guess they would contact students to let them know if there were a problem with an application and they weren't eligible for an interview, right? ... I'm kind of nervous because I didn't have a chance to go over the application with an adviser to make sure everything was filled out properly and completely. I mean, I'm pretty sure I didn't leave anything out, but I will feel better once I get a call for an interview.
  7. by   luckeeTN
    And yes, the waiting is the worst part of the whole process! Haha. I just need to take a deep breath and deal with it or I'm gonna give myself a nervous break down. Patience isn't my forte... Haha.
  8. by   rkp213
    LuckeeTN- I hope so because I am in the same situation. I live out of state and work full time so I couldnt get an appointment with an advisor and even though I went through everything 1000 times theres always that chance that they want something else since I'm a transfer student.
  9. by   swright42
    I spoke with Kim yesterday (the nursing school secretary) and she said they had just started looking at applications. Interviews will go on until the end of the month and we will get called whenever they grab your packet! So I guess it really just depends on when you turned it in.
  10. by   luckeeTN
    Thanks! I turned my packet in pretty close to the deadline, so I probably will have to wait a while... bummer. Let us know when you get a call!
  11. by   luckeeTN
    Yay! I just got a call to set up my interview. It's on Mon the 20th. I'm so excited!
  12. by   swright42
    Now I'm getting nervous!!
  13. by   swright42
    Got my call! 9AM on the 20th! Good luck
  14. by   luckeeTN
    Awesome! Good luck to you, too! I am feeling pretty confident, but I know the interview is crucial. I'm sure we'll both do great, though. What are you doing to prepare for the interview?

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