MTSU HESI A2 (Physics)

  1. 2 I just took the MTSU HESI this morning, and even though they say "all parts are required", Physics is not included. I spent a while studying over this section (since I never took Physics), and asked advisors and no one could tell me whether Physics was included or not. Just wanted to post this so you know not to waste your time memorizing physics formulas.
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    i attend there and someone told me the physics stuff isnt really on there meaning they may ask like 3 or 4 questions physics related. just study and try to make a great or if possible perfect score on the hesi exam if you can. believe me you will have a good chance of entering the program if you do
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    Hi! I was there on the 26th too. Were you one of the unlucky ones whose computer fried half way through the test? Yikes. That was a little scary, and terribly distracting.

    I had 4 days to prepare for this test. I've never taken a physics class, so it would have been all new to me. I figured that I could spend time on Physics and only do ok in everything else, or I could bomb physics and do great on other subjects. Then I read somewhere that Physics wasn't even on it, so I took a gamble and didn't even crack that section. What a relief.
    Not a single physics or physics-esque question on the entire test.

    Anyway, I hope we all make it in. See you around.

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