Moving to Tennessee from New Jersey

  1. Currently I reside in NJ, my boyfriend got a significant job offer to move to New Johnsonville TN. I have spoken with the recruiter at Vandy (vanderbuilt) in nashville... I was quite surprised to hear that I would be making signicantly less money then what I make in NJ. I currently make 55000 as a new grad with 1 year experience. I was told that I would be making 20 dollars an hour which is almost 15000 less then what I make now per year... WHat I am wondering is there any "northerners" that have made that kind of move and do you find yourself struggling to make money??? What do you think about living around the nashville area... any kind of comments would really help...

    If anyone knows of any hospitals in the nashville area that pay better I would really like to know... otherwise agency might be my best choice
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  3. by   harley0511
    Hi NJ2TNrn,
    Just some info that might help. TN has NO state income tax. That may make up for a little bit of the pay difference. Also, there isn't a lot of 'unionizing' in the south. TN is gorgeous (esp. the further east you go!) and the cost of living can be significantly less than many areas north of us. That pay rate seems to be pretty common across the state, esp for grads/newer nurses. Good luck with your decision & potential move!
  4. by   Dalton
    Vanderbilt pays the lowest of all the major hospitals in Nashville. I would suggest sending resumes to all the local hospitals and see who offers you the best deal. The cost of living in TN is MUCH lower than in NJ which is one of the highest taxed states in the country.
  5. by   JStyles1
    i wouldn't say your a new grad with 1 year experience. new grad has become such a bad term lately. say you've been a nurse for a little over a year

    as far as the money goes, TN's cost of living is far less than NJ and that should make up the majority of the money difference. I found a $10k raise by moving from east tennessee to west tennessee
  6. by   Spirit2L1
    Take a look at Cookeville, TN. Best pay around I have found is here and the hospital is the BEST job I have ever had and I lived in 5 different states, from NY originally. The benefits are good, the area is beautiful and they have an awesome orientation program, and they even train new grads for the units.
  7. by   lilNJrn
    Thank you everyone for your replies... in the end my boyfriend decided not to take the job offer and let me tell ya it been a little hard to deal with because I really miss TN... but it was for the better... at least I hope