Motlow Nursing I: Study Time?

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    Hello, everyone!

    I have been accepted into the Motlow Nursing Program and was curious if anyone had any insight into the amount of time they spent studying out of class for the Nursing I course. I understand that class takes place twice a week (3 hours each)--with an additional 7am-2pm clinical/practice component. How much time did you devote to this course outside of these hours?

    Any information you might have about time required, test structure, assignments, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Do you know if the nursing packets have been sent out yet??
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    I haven't gotten mine yet.
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    I just wonder when they are going to send them. Our mail lady has been mixing up houses LOL Even a very important letter for my husband never got to him last month!! If you don't mind, let me know when you get yours please.
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    Will do is my email address if ya want to email me outside of here.
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    Ok, thank you!!! Mine is
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    Hello, again!

    I have not received my orientation packet. I'll be glad to launch a quick post when it does. I received my notification of acceptance on April 4, and the message noted that it would arrive within 2 weeks. Today (April 20) was the confirmation date for accepting the slot, so I imagine that the packet will arrive next week.

    I hope you all continue well!
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    I e-mail the nursing secretary and she said that they aren't sure whether they are going to mail the packets or wait to hand them out at orientation.
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    An LPN friend received hers the other day, don't know about ours though.
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    Yea, they sent the LPNs out since they have to start pretty soon. I hope they decide to mail ours out too, I am anxious to get it!

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