Loewenberg CON Fall 17 Traditional Program - page 10

Hi, thought I would make a discussion for those of us applying for the fall of 2017 to the traditional program at the University of Memphis. I've seen several for the accelerated, but with the... Read More

  1. by   tigerfoevaaaa
    3.5 Overall 3.0 Science.
  2. by   tigerfoevaaaa
    No I did not I applied for the traditional program but I will apply for accelerated next time around.
  3. by   katia1
    You didn't get in with that??? Wow I thought a 3.0 overall would be good enough
  4. by   Chief1913
    For those of us who were Wait listed, I just called the school, and they told me that they are unable to tell us exactly what position we are on the Wait List until near the end of April. I'm guessing after the April 10th deadline. She said they will email us letting us know if we will be moving into the program , or not .
  5. by   abrec1994
    I'm way too anxious for all of this..
  6. by   katia1
    I've heard that there are more applicants in the Spring.. Does anyone have any input? I am thinking if I should wait and apply for Fall 2018...
  7. by   mndavis
    I applied for the Accelerated program too and was offered a spot on the wait-list. I decided to accept at UTHSC instead of hoping that I would be high enough on LCON's wait-list because I really want to start in the Fall. My science GPA is a 4.0 and my overall GPA is 3.16 (goofed around a bit during my first degree:/)
  8. by   Tjones96
    I really think that's smart to choose Ut over Memphis wait list because I heard Ut is a straight 18 months so you'll be done faster.
  9. by   PearlBarbie
    Has anyone NOT heard anything back yet? My application online still says "Under Review". I'm just asking to see if I've been overlooked somehow.
  10. by   ngabrielleo
    Have you checked your UofM email ?
  11. by   PearlBarbie
    I got accepted!
  12. by   tigerfoevaaaa
    I think my overall was fine I think it was because my science was not competitive enough. I was told a 3.0 is not really competitive when applying to LCON but anything higher than a 3.0 is even though the minimum requirements are much lower. *shrugs* So I'll just retake my AP II Lab to get a higher Science GPA. I currently have a "C" in AP II Lab.
  13. by   jdotson5
    I was waitlisted too .