Fingerprinting for Licensure Question

  1. Hi! I have a quick question for you all. I'm from Pennsylvania and got a job as a graduate nurse to work in TN after I graduate in May. I know that I need to get fingerprinted as a requirement to get licensed (as well as passing NCLEX). When I called the TN board of nursing they asked if I had received a packet of information, which I had not. They said they would mail it to me, but then every other question I asked their answer was "it's in the packet" instead of actually answering my question. I was just wondering if someone who actually has this packet can tell me what the beginning steps are or who I am supposed to call to get started on the fingerprinting aspect of this. It said on the TN BON website that it could take 4-6 weeks for the fingerprinting to process and I start in July so I want to try and do this as soon as possible. So if anyone could help me out at all, I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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  3. by   fallinnstyle
    From their packet, while it says 4-6wks for an old fashioned fingerprint form, if you do the electronic scan (COGENT), it takes 8-10 business days to process.
    Good luck
  4. by   tmy5009
    Do you know if that is for out of state applicants, as well? On their website it says that you can do the electronic scan if you live in state, but under out of state applicants it only mentions the fingerprinting card.
  5. by   Gauge
    I just did my fingerprinting a couple weeks ago as I graduate in less than 2 weeks (yay). Anyways, all you do is go to cogents website and put in all of your information and pay $48. You print out the form it tells you and take it to a fingerprinting station (was a sheriff's dept for me) and they fingerprint you and send you on your way. You only have to wait overnight between doing the online application to getting fingerprinted. Not sure about out of state though.
  6. by   Jess20
    Hmmm I am so confused! im also from Pa looking for a GN position in TN. I called the board today because i cannot figure out how to obtain a temporary practice permit so that i can practice as a GN! to make matters worse the lady told me that they don't issue them and TN does not do the new graduate nurse thing! AHH some one please help! This clearly isnt true.. but how do i go about getting one?
  7. by   tmy5009
    Well, I found out that they only let you do the fingerprinting through the cognet website if you can actually get fingerprinted in TN. If you live in another state you have to do it the old way with the ink and fingerprints on a board and then send it to TN. Jess20 - I have no idea about a temporary practice permit. I didn't even ask them about that. I start my job mid-july and I can start without having my license, I just can't give meds. But I'm hoping that everything is figured out by then and I will hopefully be able to take my boards before or shortly after I start working. let me know if you figure anything out about a practice permit. Maybe that's something PA does and not all other states? Did you get the application and everything from the TN BON? I got it in the mail this week and it really helps explain the process in more detail of everything that you need to do. I don't see why they don't put these instructions as a pdf file on the BON website, but who knows...!
  8. by   Jess20
    ok thanks! Im going to check into that, maybe it is just something PA does. Yes i did get the packet and the fingerprint card was in there. Actually i just had them done today. its pretty simple you just need to get a 60 dollar money order and send it off to TN. thats it. But i understand your irritation with this entire process. it makes an already stressful time even more nerve racking! thanks for the reply back!
  9. by   tmy5009
    Yeah, I was pretty irritated about having to pay the $100 application fee, too! $160 for the application and fingerprinting! What do they think I am, made out of money? Haha! You add in the $200 to register for NCLEX and then I'm taking a Kaplan review class, too, that cost me $380! Getting my license is taking all my money! Oh well, it's all worth it in the end!