Chattanooga State RN Fall 2012 Hopefuls?

  1. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is applying to get into the RN program at Chattanooga State in 2012. I'm finishing up the pre-requisites this fall. I am really hoping to get in next fall! Anyway, I wanted to start this forum for us, 2012 hopefuls, to give each other support, and we can all talk about our daily struggles and application procedures! Good luck to everyone trying to get in!
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  3. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    I'm in the same boat as you! Let's hope we'll be classmates come next Fall! What are you taking this fall for pre-req's? I went to UTC and got my BSN in Marketing in '08 and just decided to go back. Thankfully I already have a few of the pre-req's done. I'm super nervous about points though, but as of now my GPA is good.
  4. by   michelledmarshall
    Yay! I hope we are classmates too!!! I have taken some of the pre-requisites lol but not many of them. I am taking General Psychology (I've already taken this class, but I'm taking it again to get an A to achieve higher points) and Anatomy and Physiology I right now in the summer (not the best decision I've ever made) lol, but I'm doing really well in it surprisingly! I got a 95 on our first test, and my next test is Monday! After the end of this Fall semester, I will be done with the pre-requisites (hopefully). Have you been to an Information Session yet? I'm really nervous too!! My GPA could be better, so hopefully by the end of this Fall, it will be. This fall semester, I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology II, Life Span Development, Microbiology, Nutrition, and College Algebra. I might not take Life Span Development or withdraw from it, if the load of classes are to much to handle lol. If so, I'm going to take in the the spring.
  5. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    You're further along than me! I just decided literally 3 weeks ago today to bite the bullet and go back to school. I'm not telling anyone though except my aunt and best guy friend. Since I'll be staying at work full-time, I don't want to put a target on my back by everyone knowing. So, everyone will only find out IF I get in

    From my bachelors I already have these done: Math Elective, Humanities, English, and Psychology. This fall I'm going to take A&P I online and possibly 1 or 2 other classes online. I had Anatomy and Physiology (separate classes) at UTC, but it has been over 5 years so don't count. Have you heard anything about these being online at Chatt State? I'm super nervous about it because I tend to be a hands on learner. I'm REALLY hoping that since I've had them before it won't be too bad. The other classes I'm considering taking are Human Growth and Dev. as well as Nutrition.

    I'm going to start studying for the TEAS soon so I can gradually re-learn everything. The Fall '11 class had a lowest score of 86.35, but I'm afraid it just gets higher every year because that's the grade people try to beat the following year.

    Sounds like you have a full workload for school this Fall! Are you working too or just school? Did you go back to school for nursing or are you almost just out of HS?

    I'm so glad I have someone else to talk to about this!!! I feel like I'm just playing mind games with myself sometimes and can't stop thinking "what if" and then recalculating a possible total score.
  6. by   michelledmarshall
    OMG lol I know what you mean about the "what if" lol. I've talked to this one woman in my anatomy I class that took the online class, and she told me that it was really difficult (I wouldn't totally put faith though in that being your decision maker because she isn't doing so well in the class anyway, so it might just be really difficult for her)... she failed it... but since you have already had it. I wouldn't worry... and I think they have a waiver for the 5-year limit... which I think you just have to pass the test they give you... idk but I would definitely look into that. I'm currently working but only 20 hours a week on the weekends at night lol, so it doesn't interfere with school. I graduated high school in 2009. I feel like I have wasted a lot of time because I've switched my major a lot lol and I kept going back to nursing it just made me nervous because it was so competitive! I have taken my humanities and composition class already. My sister took Nutrition online said it was a "harder" class; she said your grade just reflexes on how much work you put into it, so you'll done just fine! The TEAS test is just over reading and math... not all the subjects... thank goodness!!! lol So far, for my current grades for the point sheet, I have an A in my humanities, and a C in my composition I class, and I am hoping to make an A in my anatomy class. I have 3 weeks left in my anatomy class so cross my fingers lol. My psychology class starts on July 11th, and I hoping to make an A in that also. I'm sad about the C in my english class, but I'm still deciding on if I'm going to retake it in the spring or not. English is a difficult class for me lol... I'm planning on taking the TEAS test in January because I'll have taken college algebra and it gives me the whole Christmas break to study for it and only it lol
  7. by   Jdmotivator
    I am starting the nursing program in a couple of weeks. I had taken A&P 1 and 2 in the past, but I had to retake it because it had been more than 5 years. I took A&P 1 online through Chatt. St. and A&P 2 and Microbiology through RODP online this summer. Let me tell you, I would not take A&P and Micro in a sort summer semester together and work full time again! It was a ridiculous pace! I did well in both, but it literally took EVERYTHING I had to get through them. I got about 2 or 3 hours of sleep per night just to keep up. It was much easier to take those in class rather than online too (from when I took them before). I didn't have a choice but to take both this summer so that I could start the program this fall. If you have a choice, don not take both together over the summer online. It's brutal. BTW, RODP Microbiology requires you to write a research paper as well. I don't think that the in class Micro requires you to do this. Hope that saves someone from a rough semester. Good luck!
  8. by   ChattNurseHopeful
    I am taking A&P 1 online this fall.
    Any tips or thoughts from your experience? I too have had it before but it has been over 5 years so I have to (and want to ) tale it again. Thanks! I really appreciate any advice.
  9. by   chemHolly
    I am trying, too!

    I am actually returning to school for the third time now...I got a BS in Poli Sci in 99 and a BS in Chem in 2010. I minored in biology, so i have lots of prereqs. unfortunately, many were more than the allotted 5 years ago so they don't help in the points department. I have had all the general ed stuff, and i have taken microbio (2008) and anatomy (2003). I need psych and nutrition, and obviously, A and P!

    i am studying for TEAS and feel pretty confident (i've gone through Calc II). I am really nervous...I know it is competitive and I want SO badly to get in. Plus I've worked hard! If I do well on TEAS, I will have 90 points. Is this usually good enough to get in?

    Good luck to all. I hope we are classmates next year!
  10. by   rfarris1017
    I am trying too!

    I have completed my pre-req's and must take the TEAS again to bump my score up a couple points. I am super excited and ready to be an official nursing student. I gotta say that this program is super hard to get into but if you stay focused, you will get in. Good luck everyone and hopefully we will be classmates next fall.
  11. by   twinsmama
    Hey everyone! I am late to the game and with very few pre-reqs, taking the TEAS on monday to finish out my application.

    I am nervous because I only have 2 pre-reqs so when they showed me their points system I got worried. I did some calculating based on the past year's points that were accepted and if I do well enough on the TEAS I have a shot, so my fingers are crossed!
  12. by   BAMchatttn
    Hey guys and gals!!

    I'm also applying to Chatt State's nursing program for this fall. I already have my B.A. but am not sure on how some of my previous classes will transfer. Where can I find which courses count towards the Humanities Elective??? I have A's and B's, so I'm hoping one of my A classes can count!!

    THANK YOU... and GOOD LUCK!! :spin:
  13. by   twinsmama
    If you call the nursing office they can tell you off the top, they took an A class for my elective (yay!)

    Unfortunately I had this whole debacle over my Eng101 being AP credit and because it is it is automatically counted as a B unless you get a 5 on the AP exam (near impossible...I got a 102 in the class though!)

    So instead of having a respectable 84.25 entrance points, I only have 79.25 I doubt i'll get in this round but good luck to everyone else!
  14. by   BAMchatttn
    Sooo... I have 85.9 points. I don't think I'm gonna get in though!!