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Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is applying to get into the RN program at Chattanooga State in 2012. I'm finishing up the pre-requisites this fall. I am really hoping to get in next fall! Anyway, I wanted to start... Read More

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    Yeah I remember they said there was a year they used every alternate and then other years they used none.

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    I am watching for my mail-lady every day like a crazy person. I wouldn't be surprised if she is scared of me at this point! lol I agree, though, that if they were mailed Friday we would have them by now. So maybe we will get them tomorrow or Thursday. (fingers crossed)
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    If I completed all pre-req's last year, have a 3.8 GPA, and a total points of 87, do I have a chance of being accepted for fall 2012?
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    Yes you do! The minimum points accepted (this is excluding the waiting alternates of 20) was 86.25. I think you will get in.
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    I got my acceptance letter today. They accepted 124 students out of 445 with 9 standby. Minimum points were 86.55.
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    Just got my letter!!! I was accepted... Good luck to you all!!!
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    Oh wow! I didn't think letters were going in the mail until today. Now my heart is pounding and my mail doesn't run until 2:30 or 3:00.
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    I got in Woot!!!!
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    YEAH!!! So happy for you...and me! lol
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    I got in too! Congratulations and welcime to the Class of 2014 Chattanooga State R.N. program!
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