Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College 2012 Fall Hopefuls - page 38

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today and will turn it in tomorrow at... Read More

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    I used Taber's online cyclopedic medical dictionary doe the glucose questions. I think the medical surgical book had some info as well. My question is are we supposed to know how to BP for clinical, I am having a hard with that

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    You pair up and practice vital signs on each other.
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    I can't find the APIE form we are supposed to bring to class tomorrow. Can someone tell me where to look?
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    Just kidding
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    Please remind me, can we use a calculator on our dosages test?
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    we can, we will have an hour for the test then we'll have to stick around to go over it. wear ur id badge!! we will also have a scrap piece of paper and a pencil if we like to work things out too since the test is on a computer
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    Does anyone know when the test results from today get posted? I'm freaking out mannnn! The suspense is driving me nuts!
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    I keep checking paws. I thought we would know right away, but I guess not
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    Ugh I did too especially with Mrs. C being there!
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    the grades are up!

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