Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College 2012 Fall Hopefuls - page 35

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today... Read More

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    Are we responsible for Focus 1 safety/hygiene
    Focus objectives
    skills labs
    As well as Focus 2 Isolation Precautions
    Focus objectives
    Practice skills labs
    Focus 3
    practice skills and

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    from my understanding we are responsible for focus 1,2,and 3. which are all part of week one. so yes you are correct.

    i attempted these lastnight and want to rip my hair out. everytime i think i got this program figured out and build a little confidence to know what im doing something happens to take it all away. are we supposed to read all those chapters too!? the reading never ends! how are we supposed to start studying when we constantly have something else to read?

    has anyone written there diagnosis out? i am so lost

    thanks for letting me rant. hope everyone else is doing ok so far.
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    I believe we are to read the chapters for clinical, and know how to do the skills. I have started my Dx and hope to finish it up tonight. Fingers crossed that i am close to the right type of format. Still not sure how much info to present. I agree completely about WHEN WILL WE HAVE TIME TO STUDY!
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    i was on PAWS and the skills we need to review from the encyclopedia of nursing are like 25 pages long. that in itself will take a while to read! i find comfort n knowing im not alone but am terrified bc the first exam is in a few weeks. like hello we have jobs and family too that take aways from our time.

    i knew going in this was going to consume so much of our time and wasnt going to be easy (or else everyone would do it),but i turned down other programs for this one and it makes me wonder if all programs are like this?

    ill make it through, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. others have survived and we will too! and mattie it sounds like your more ahead of the game than others so good job! be proud of yourself for accomplishing this much.
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    The two of you'll are not the only ones that feel as if there isn't enough time. Hopefully, the next few weeks things will get easier as far as knowing what everything is and how the process works. I said hopefully.
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    lol hopefully. fingers crossed. im praying that i get a lot out of these clinicals and i dont feel lost when it comes down to the real thing in the hospital. i dont have time to teach myself foundations and clinical on top of teaching myself dosages every other week
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    Does anyone know how to do a nursing diagnosis?
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    i think we pick from the list in the book or the from the maslows sheet but you got me. ive been wondering the same thing. these objectives are taking me forever and i havent even begun to cite my references.

    do we just put a header on our paper with our name and the name of the assignment for APA?
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    I got all my info from book, and have 4 questions to go.
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    awesome did you figure out how to do the diagnosis part?

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