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I have a question that I need some help with. I currently have a BS in Criminology and work in that field. I have been taking my pre reqs for nursing, and only need 2 more classes before I start my actual nursing courses. In the... Read More

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    I'm hoping that because I already work for the state it might help, lol. Do you know where most of the recent nurses there graduated from? Why is it such a long process to get in? Thanks!!
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    Crap shoot, literally, work with the recruiter, if you have civil service that helps, military experience helps, being certified (in anything) helps, etc. Market yourself, have the skillset in place. You may not get the first job you want, but getting that foot in the door, then proving your the best nurse on your unit (and wish to move up) is up to you know who...

    good luck!
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