Are there any CSCC (Cleveland, TN) RN students here?

  1. I just discovered this website, and have read some informative things so far. I will be attending Cleveland State CC Fall 2011, where I'll begin the RN program. Any fellow students or CSCC alumni RNs w/advice?
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  3. by   xbebecx
    I applied to their nursing program for Fall 2011. Of course I don't know if I got in or not yet. Just nervously waiting!! I just took the HESI (A2) yesterday and I did pretty well. Have you taken the test?
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    I got accepted at Cleveland State Community College nursing program for the fall 2011. Has anyone attended or currently attending RN program at Cleveland State CC. I just want to know what to expect? Thank you!
  5. by   Girl21
    I got accepted to the RN program at Cleveland State for the class of 2011.
  6. by   Futurenursehopeful7
    Good to know there are some CSCC 2011 nursing students that will attending with me. I still don't know exactly what to expect...Don't really know any recent nursing students or grads from there. Do any of you guys have any info? I admit I'm a bit nervous about it...
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    Quote from Futurenursehopeful7
    Good to know there are some CSCC 2011 nursing students that will attending with me. I still don't know exactly what to expect...Don't really know any recent nursing students or grads from there. Do any of you guys have any info? I admit I'm a bit nervous about it...

    Well so far I asked some people who attended Cleveland State CC nursing program and they said its not fun. They dont teach you very well at all but they expecting you to know more then they teach you. I asked the office about the passing rate each year of nursing program and they said by looking their info from previous years about 50 to 55 students out of 120 usually get to the end of the program out of 112 students each year. For as the nursing state board, their students having hard time passing NCLEX because my friend she finished the program at CSCC.

    I heard very good things about Chattanooga State Community College. I checked their passing rate at admissions office and its 110 students accepted , usually till the end of the program 95 to 100 students passing nursing program. The nursing state board passing rate is 98 %.
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    That's not very encouraging, is it? It's too late, didn't apply anywhere else. I was contacted to do surg tech program at Chatt State as well...maybe I should go that route???
  9. by   VPAA CSCC
    Congratulations to all of you that have been accepted to the Cleveland State Nursing program. I think you will find it a rewarding and exciting experience. I don't usually participate in sites like this because I make it a habit to not respond to anonymous comments, but I wanted to set the record straight.

    First of all we have a wonderful, caring nursing faculty. I can't tell you the number of times that I have learned of how they have gone above and beyond the required in order to help students be successful. I just finished reading the student comments from the most recent school year and the students praised the faculty for their caring involvement. By the way, several commented on the fairness of the test.

    Our program is a rigourous program and some people do drop out of the program. The numbers quoted were off slightly but don't always reflect reality. If a student has to stop out because of a family crisis, even when they return and complete it is not reflected in the numbers. Our recent visit by the National League of Nursing concluded that our completion rate was in range of other colleges. Would we like it to be higher? Absolutely? We are constantly evaluating and trying new things to improve our completion rate.

    For the past two years our pass rate on the NCLEX exam (state board) has been 96%. It doesn't seem that too many of our graduates are having problems. More importantly our job placement rate has been 100%.

    Again, I believe you will have a great experience in our nursing program and I look forward to calling your name at the pinning ceremony in a couple of years. If you would like to talk more with me about this post, please drop by my campus office any time.

    Jerry L. Faulkner
    Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Cleveland State Community College
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    Thanks so much, Mr. Faulkner. I appreciate the information, and am looking forward to attending CSCC's Nursing Program! I don't expect it to be easy, but from a patient's standpoint: I don't think it should be. Thanks for your reply, and clarifying those numbers for all of us that were curious.
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    I take Hesi next week btw. Wondering which sections CSCC requires. It does not state on their website as many of the others do. Did it include A&P, chemistry and physics?
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    Since you just took the Hesi, does it include the A&P, Chemistry and Physics modules. It seems like most of the community colleges do not include those sections but I could not tell from the CSCC what is included on theirs. Thanks
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    I actually took the HESI two yrs ago, but I don't imagine it has changed much since. I just brushed up on my basic math, such as fractions and conversions. If you have avg reading comprehension skills, you will have no problem there. It was not a bad test at all. I remember thinking that it was much easier than I had expected when I had finished it. Just review your basic math and you'll do just fine. I say review, but if you have had math recently, you'll be fine. I hadn't taken any sort of math since 1996, so I was definitely in need of I just googled some math help websites (which I don't remember now)...and it worked! Good luck!
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    so who all made it for the start of fall 2011?