Aquinas College Nursing Program Fall 2013

  1. Hello there!!

    Has anyone here applied for Aquinas College's Nursing Program for Fall 2013? Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back? I am a current student there, so I am hoping current students would hear back first? Also, what is considered a good Kaplan Entrance Exam score? I think my application is really good, but I also don't want any surprises!! Any information would be awesome!

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  3. by   Cduff
    Hey Sarah, I also applied to Aquinas for the fall. I heard that it will be May before we hear anything..I also thought that we just had to pass the Kaplan and that the score didnt matter as long as you passed it...I could be totally wrong on Good luck and keep me posted if you find out any more info...I will do the same!

  4. by   SarahJade4
    Thanks for the reply, Chris!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us!!!! May seems so far away...did you apply other places? I hope we get into Aquinas!
  5. by   Cduff
    The only other place I applied was at Nashville State. I hope I get into at least one but Aquinas would be my first choice. May does seem so far away..I am trying to keep my mind off of it but as you can see it has consumed have read a lot of these boards in here and my Kaplan score and GPA is right in line with those who got in this past spring. I know that does not mean much but it gives me some much needed
  6. by   SarahJade4
    That means a lot!!!! What was the GPA and kaplan score last year??? I have been busy training as a PCT...sigh!!! I actually can't wait to get back into school and start working towards my trainers have been cruddy this last week!!!! I applied to NSCC's program last year but didn't realize I still had some grade hanging on from nearly 10 years ago that brought my GPA down. I did Aquinas' restart program and did great! So I'm hoping it all falls in line!!!! Man...1.5 months to wait!!!
  7. by   Cduff
    The lowest that I saw said he had a 70 on the Kaplan and a 3.1gpa
  8. by   SarahJade4
    GOOD to know!!! Is it May yet?!?
  9. by   Cduff
    I wish..the wait is killing me..
  10. by   SarahJade4
    Sigh....still nothing....

    I talked to a current student and they applied for spring, the deadline was August 31 and they heard in October. Consistent with our May prediction.
  11. by   Cduff
    Lol..still waiting here as well
  12. by   Cduff
    Got my acceptance letter today for the fall!!!!.. Hope you hear something soon!
  13. by   SarahJade4
    OMG!!! Congrats!!!! I'm going to check my mail now!!!
  14. by   SarahJade4
    ME TOO!!!!!!!!