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I'm set to begin LPN school this fall and did receive some financial aid.:up: I have a shortage that may be covered by WIA. Just curious to hear from anyone experienced with this program. It is quite intense for such... Read More

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    Quote from AshleeG
    You do have to be accepted into a program before you can apply for assistance. I did not have to test, nor has there been any mention of it, but other county programs I have heard of require it. I guess it just depends where you are located.

    I'm so thankful for the program. Luckily, financial aid covers my tuition and books, but I will be getting assistance with childcare. They have also already sent me to pick out scrubs, shoes, stethoscope/bp cuff, I just signed for it, and they covered the cost. In addition, they've helped cover physical expense and background check. It is awesome. They do track your progress for 6 months after you graduate, it helps determine future funding. No big deal.

    I thought they don't cover childcare anymore, can you give more info on that?

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    I live in Houston and currently in a ADN program, I get WIC and NCI (the daycare worksource grant to help me pay for daycare). I had the NCI way before I started the ADN program, and that's income based and # of family members, then they tell you how much you pay, also the parents (single/married) need to be either looking for a job (showing proof) or working/inschool for 30-40hr/week (with proof to show for).
    As for the WIC, i'm in my second year and just got this. My first year I did apply for it and I got the "run-around" to put it nicely. I was told that since I recieved the pell grant and both my husband and I worked, I didn't need the WIC, even though I qualified income wise for a family of 5. My friend that works for the worksource, later told me that information was wrong and I needed to speak to the Manager. The reason being, even though I did get the Pell grant, both my husband and I worked, I needed the WIC to help me pay for other school expenses, that I would otherwise would my money to pay for, when I could use that money for gas, bills, etc. Basically, I needed to show financial-need for it.
    So, my advise: use your words correctly when applying for the WIC. In my case, even though I worked PT, husband FT and I got the Pell grant = nursing school is expensive, with needing scrubs, books, equipment, etc! And I live paycheck-to-paycheck, I could use the help! So it's been great now. The WIC pays my tutition, books, whatever and so I get the complete pell grant to help compensate what I would bring home if I did work FT to help out with bills.
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    Hi pinky, can u tell me what is WIC and how do i apply for it. I am an alternate for kingwood my score is 11.4 and I'm frustrated. Just gotta keep the faith. I am waiting for that call to come.
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    Hey Girly26,
    Good luck, I really hope you get in. I was an alternate at North Harris as well and I was #37 on the list, and I got in! So, it happens. WIC is something you can apply at the Worksource, but you need to get accepted to the nursing program first, they'll want a letter of aceptance to help you.
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    Ok thanks, also I do get financial aid now. FAFSA it is, Can I still apply for WIC or is it the same thing... I have a feeling I'm going to get in so I just wanna be prepered. Thanks again:spin: Also I do not have kids, will that be a prob within getting assistance from them??? One more thing I just looked up WIC, is it that or WIA. Thanks
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    Hi I'm also needing help applying for the WIA program in houston. I just got my acceptance letter and need to know what office and whom do I speak with. How much do they cover?
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    Well I'm in TN and the career centers here have WIA counselors. They will cover all expenses for my LPN class.
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    I have a question. I'm an RN, got laid off, (Alabama) still trying to find employment and having no such luck. I wanted to explore new options through WIA and they told me I did not qualify. Would you explain please. Thanks
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    I'd say that having a degree disqualifies you.
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    Do they pay for CPR certification?

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