All the choices...what to do?

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    I have applied to 3 nursing programs: University of Memphis, University of Tennessee (Memphis), and Union University (Germantown Campus). I already have a bachelor's in education from the U of Memphis. I would love to stay there because I'm so use to that college, but I like UT and UU's curriculum pacing better. I believe the classes are smaller too! The programs will be accelerated so the curriculum pacing matters a lot to me. I have an overall GPA of 3.7 and my sciences are are a 3.0. So let's just say I get in all programs (probably not, but let's just say I do). If you were me....which nursing program would you pick and why?
  2. Poll: Which nursing program would you pick?

    • Lowenberg School of Nursing (U of M)

      44.44% 4
    • UTHSC

      44.44% 4
    • Union University

      11.11% 1
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    Why did y'all choose that program? I would love to know!!!
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    Union here I come!!!!
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    Which one has the best NCLEX pass rating?
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    Union "has a 100 percent job placement rate in recent years." "Tennessee Board of Nursing reports that Union University School of Nursing has the highest NCLEX (licensure exam) pass rate of any baccalaureate nursing program."

    Memphis "BSN graduates have had a 92% or higher pass rate on the NCLEX-RN examination."

    I am not sure about UTHSC.
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    The stats are what drew me to the program I'm in now. I don't want to pay tuition just to fail the NCLEX because the program did not prepare its students well enough.

    I'm sure that whatever decision you make it will be right for you.

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks girl!!! I wish you luck too!
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    I got into all 3 schools, but I am choosing Union University! I start this August! I'm so excited and I can't believe I am one step closer to becoming a nurse! I plan on reading tons of advice articles on AN. LOL

    Here are my reasons for choosing Union University:
    1. Location is in a nice area of town
    2. Classes are very small and mentoring is available
    3. High pass rate (it's been 100%) on the NCLEX test
    4. Less traffic
    5. Good parking
    6. Christian foundation
    7. Terms instead of semester
    8. Curriculum eases you in to clinicals rather than jumping right in

    Cost is high (2x as UTHSC), but I didn't get a loan on my BS.ed so I think it's worth the experience to get one now!
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    which one did u end of going to. I am in the same dilema. Trying to choose between Union and U of M. I graduated from U of M but union is litteraly a mile from my house...
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    I ended up choosing Union University and I have not regretted it! I too graduated from Memphis. Trust's expensive, but it's totally worth it. Faculty are supportive and really support you if you work hard.
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