1. Are there any agencies that do this type of nursing in Alabama? I've looked until I am blue in the face!
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  3. by   Annaiya
    More information on what you are looking for would be helpful. What type of nursing? What area of AL? If you are looking for contract/PRN work you can arrange that with the hospital, but you have to have experience.
  4. by   sirI
    hello, g'smommy,

    have you contacted the clinics in your area to see if they hire nurses with telephone triage experience? or, are you wanting nursing agencies that hire in this area?
  5. by   ChloeyNurse123
    Hi Alabama,
    I would check out they have new RN jobs everyday and have relationships with recruiters all over the country. The cool thing is they aren't commercial like those other sites so you will get actual responses from them.
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  6. by   G'smommy
    I am looking for a permanent job to work from home using my nursing degree. I found a children's hospital that hires RN's to triage from home but they are not hiring right now. I am sending my resume anyway just in case but would like to look for something else.
  7. by   Pedi-ER-RN
    G'smommy, what childrens hospital in alabama does this. Is it Children's in B'ham?