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They are hiring in my area of SoCal, and I just applied. So excited because I am expecting my 2nd child soon (and already have a 2yo) and need an option to be at home. Hope I hear back soon. Does... Read More

  1. by   RN In FL
    Hey there.....No I have not checked into coding. I need to find something else. I just turned 50, been a nurse for 30 yrs...done alllll kinds of things from public health, HMO, Home Health, clinical nursing. I don't have the energy to be a road warrior anymore. I thought about going back into the clinical setting, but things are just tooo new fangled for me! I am on old skool floor nurse!! LOL I will look into coding.
  2. by   Rntr
    Well, you sound a lot like me...been there and done that... over 39 yrs here and not ready to stop yet...
  3. by   tosca rose
    hi, im interested in WAH, i have a US RN license but i live in canada, can i still apply?
  4. by   Dafabb
    I was wondering if anyone has been doing this. I have been a Nurse for 40 yrs and still working right now in corrections. I wanted to get into this insurance WAH. I met online a Nurse who does precerts (10yrs as LVN) and after sending her my resume can not get her to answer. Not really use to having a 3 way job app. I would love some suggestions in how to break into a WAH position. It does not have to be in the insurance. I have done IC9 but am really rusty. I have CM my own home health patients. Telephonics is another interest. Any suggestions would be helpful......