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    I am a freshman at a 4-year school, applying for the 2-year RN program at a tech school. I am taking the TEAS on thursday and the practice tests ive done, i got a 69 and a 70. Because im a college student, will i have priority to getting into the program over high school seniors??

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    No you will not. I have a bachelor's degree, am CNA certified, and have a certificate in gerontology and I have to apply just the same as everyone else. The community college I have applied to only goes by the score on the Teas exam when determinining the nursing class. I just took the test today and the science was very difficult unless you have recently had biology and chemistry.
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    Thanks for yr answer!! Took my TEAS test today, got a 66%. We'll have to wait and see if that is good enough to get in or not. Wont know till april. I personally, thought i coulda done better. But. It is what it is.
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    Do you know what the average for your school is? Do you have time to retake?
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    Like I said in your other post you really need to re-take it. The teas that need to find out from your school how they rank students for selection. It probably does not matter to them about what school you are in...our school goes off 4 pre-req grades and assigns you points off of what grade you made and totals all the sub-sections of your TEAS. So you have to have good grades and a good TEAS. Good luck!
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    Just a quick update, I was accepted into the 2-year RN program with a TEAS score of 66. The test takers average was 57 so I must have done really well compared to all the other test takers. Thanks for your replies!
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