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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

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    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting something. lol anyways, I would like to know what books everyone used to take the TEAS V test because I am planning on taking in the summer or even the fall so I want to STUDY STUDY STUDY. I looked at previous posts but still not sure which books to get that are WORTH buying. I am planning to get.....

    -Secrets of the TEAS Exam Study Guide from Barnes and Noble
    -McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests

    Do you guys think that these books will help me enough to score above 70 (<-- that is what my school is asking for)? I really want a book that is strong in ALL subjects cause I know the ATI was not really good on science part?

    Please help it would really mean a lot to me! ^____^

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    I scored 100 on Science, 93% composite, using only the ATI guide. I studied for about 2 weeks before taking the test.
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    csmcj-You scored great and you just studied the ATI omg! Congrats give me any tips that you can Please missprettyperfect23@gmail.com
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    Get the Mcgraw-Hill Nursing School Entrance book and the Mcgraw-Hill Ati and I also would say pick up the Mcgraw-Hill 5 TEAS Practice Tests In Math I made a 93.3%,Reading 91% Science79% at my school I only needed a 58% and English81% it was my problem b/c I ran out of time But those books should help email me if you need anything!
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    You guys have done an exceptional job!!!! Awesome I have the TeasV study guide hard copy and electronic version. I will start looking over the info this summer!!
    Congrats again!!!
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    Does anyone know why the ATI Study manual is only $44 through their website but if you want to buy it new at barnes and noble or used anywhere else it is around $60-80 ??
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    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    You guys have done an exceptional job!!!! Awesome I have the TeasV study guide hard copy and electronic version. I will start looking over the info this summer!!
    Congrats again!!!

    Is it possible if you could email me an electronic copy version of the ATI study guide? I appreciate for your help. My email address is natalie.nguyen1991@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi! This is also my first time here. I have been having issues trying to login. But I went to Barnes and Noble and found several different study books. The only problem is I have to take the TEAS online and the books were written more for the written exams.

    I looked at about 5 different books and the "The Secrets of the TEAS V Exam Study Guide" is the cheapest online Barnes and Noble website or the mo-media.com. It says that it is written by TEAS experts and it inludes practice test questions. They will email a copy if there are any changes to the test or you lose your copy. This is my choice out of all the others. I also want to purchase the online Practice Assessments at ATI website are for the online assessements b/c they have the same content and format. I also read someone's comment that the TEAS has some questions the same from the practice.

    "McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests" are for written for the paper exams and suggest's the online assessments at ATI website.

    On the nursing school's website I am applying to has a power point that is suppose to be really helpful. "Nursing Testing Strategies." I'm not sure if it is the same that is $15 on ATI website but it has alot of useful information.

    So that is my suggestions after taking the TEAS V once already. I am also hoping to get a copy of an online guide emailed to me. I read it from a previous comment.

    Good Luck to everyone taking it soon!
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    Working on getting the electronic version emailed to me. I will try to look at the information this summer.
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    You should for sure use the TEAS Version 5 study guide

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