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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a lot of Chemistry and it's been a... Read More

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    Took the TEAS V exam for the first time today...Didn't pass/get the score I wanted. Only 4 points off, so YES I am going to take it again! Got to get it done!
    Will definitely be studying the TEAS study guide a lot more...especially going to study the MATH & SCIENCE sections...I am going to retake it and have the faith that I will get the score I need/want....Got to get in school by the this fall...me pumping myself up!!!!
    I definitely take encouraging words from everybody!

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    OMG! is it possible that you would be willing to e-mail the electronic version to me, please. determined807@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much in advance!
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    Quote from nurse2b7337
    you guys have done an exceptional job!!!! awesome i have the teasv study guide hard copy and electronic version. i will start looking over the info this summer!!
    congrats again!!!

    is it possible if you could email me an electronic copy version of the ati study guide? i appreciate for your help. my email address is keepitmovin807@gmail.com
    thanks in advance!
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    Ok, when I get the electronic version I will. I thought I had it stored on my computer but it's gone. I have a friend I emailed it to and she has it.
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    Keepitmoving it is for sure the Teas version 5. Thanks for your help!!
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    Hi, What study guide did you use?
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    TeasV version
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    I would love to get a copy too. If possible please email it to me at tikyut2001@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
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    Hi you guys
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    Took it yest.

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