When to take the TEAS V?

  1. Hi everyone. I'd like to know when most people take the TEAS or when they recommend taking it. By when, I don't mean in terms of how many months before you apply to blank program but as in after or in the middle of prerequisite classes. I have only taken inorganic and organic chem so far and might be taking Microbiology in the summer. Do I really need to have knowledge from A&P and Micro to do well in the test, or do you think it is fine as long as I get the study guide? Thanks!
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  4. by   Cheripk
    I took it after I had completed micro and AP 1, I found it very beneficial to me that I had completed those first and it helped me on the teas, its less about the anatomy part but more focused on how thinks function and work, but the study guide does a good job directing you on what to focus on, at least thats how I felt. Definitely go over thd study guide a lot it gives a great idea on what to expect.