What TEAS score did you get & did you get accepted in the nursing program? - page 11

I took the TEAS exam this morning and got an adjusted individual score of 89.4% overall. I got a 97.5 on reading, 97.8 on math, 83.3 on science, and 83.6 on the English. I currently have a GPA of... Read More

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    The reading comp is horrible, I test myself and think I know the answer and then to my surprise....I dont....It's like what are they looking for? I try to look at it throught the authors eyes but...... Any suggestions?

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    Pass on the first time with 82% and got accepted to the nursing program at community college. I bombed the science and English sections (70% each), but I did very well on the reading and math sections. I mainly focus on the English section because English is my second language so my grammar wasn't good. I think you should just target your weakness. ATI book is a great book for review.
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    I am very excited for you... CongratsI have been working on my math alot and I think I am doing pretty well with it so far......study,study, study that's my life right now!
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    hi everyone, I'm so nervous to take the TEAS 5.0 tomorrow. I studied from 3.0/4.0 version teas text book. Has anyone taken the teas sample test online and does it help? When I took 4.0 version, I scored 80. Hopefully, I'll score higher on this, but reading from the posts i guess it'll be harder. I'll just pray and keep myself calm.
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    I also am taking version 5 for my exam. i did well on the english/science but have to retake the math and reading. Yes the sample test def help because the questions are def similar in context but obviously different. good luck
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    Please if anyone can help me or if they remember some of the questions from the TEAS Version V exam, for the reading and math section. those algebraic questions you had to translate were so hard. I got 2 of them wrong. Also the label and ingredients for someone who wants a natural juice but is concerned with low sodium and low calories, that one was hard...anyone can tell me what they put or if they remember those answers. I need your help. It's amazing how far one can get and then has to take this exam and bam!!!!
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    Can u tell me some of the answrs you did for the reading or if you remember what u put down, i am trying to remember or see what others put down for their answers because I have studied a million times over and Need help!!!!! Did you have some stories about sleep walking, hibernation, and migraines also.
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    Quote from nursein2012
    I used the Mcgraw-hill e-guide that someone posted for downloading on here. The reading, however, was NOTHING like in the guide. I'm not sure what the ATI testing guide looks like to be honest. Here is what you should study for each section (IMO)
    Does anyone have the link or the thread to this anywhere? I am studying for teas V now, and would LOVE to have the Mcgraw-hill eguide for reference
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    hey sorry but i messaged some of u but i forgot to mention which version of the TEAS did u take because my exam was version V. let me know I need all the help I can get, i did well in the science and english but i have to retake the math and reading. HELP!!

    ill resend the email i sent to some of you guys:
    I wanted to ask you how you all did so well on your exam. Congrats, that's amazing! I did well in the English and Science but I have to retake the math and reading. What's nice about the program I want to get into @ Adelphi Univeristy in NY is they have a certain passing score for each section, so I didn't pass the reading and math. My question though both times I took the ATI online practice exams and did well both times in the Reading and Math but when I got to the actual test, some of the questions were a lot harder. Could you explain to me what strategies you took? Please let me know, I am retaking it the beginning of January and want to kick butt on those 2 sections, it's mostly the second half of the reading section that worries me. I mean I know there were 4 stories having to do with sleep walking, hibernation, migraines, and I think one more. How did you figure out the answer? did you read the questions first and then the story or did you read the story and then the questions, please help Also the math, the translating word problems in to algebraic equations was hard. I need help us future nurses or past nurses need to stick together. thanks!
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    Hi Micky 912,
    I scored the same as you--great in Science and English but poor in Math and Reading. My overall score was a 79.3%, however, and I landed in the 90th percentile rank as an overall. Can you tell me what your ATI was and your ranking?

    I wonder if you really do have to take it over again. I suppose it depends on the school you are applying to,however, since some look at the overall score and some will look at individual scores. The overall 90th percentile rank, however, puts me at an "A" level.

    I would be interested to know what you got, overall.


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