What Diseases were Mentioned on Teas?

  1. Hello! Does anyone remember any diseases/illnesses mentioned on the Teas V exam? I took the teas back in March for the first time and got an overall score of 80. I'll be taking it again in August in hopes of increasing my score. I do remember there being some mentioned but I just cant seem to remember. Please help!
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  3. by   CallieNM
    I did not have any diseases or illnesses on my exam.

    Advice? Study for chemistry and life science, there's a lot of that on there!

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Per the TOS of the site, please do not discuss test specific material.
  5. by   Miiki
    I would study basic biology, chemistry, and anatomy.
  6. by   chorkle
    With an eye to tnbutterfly's comment, I'd have to echo others' comments--a review of Gen. Bio., Chem., Micro, A & P 1 & 2, w/n hurt. Broad general topics, with the ocnl. quite specific application. A lot of life experience w/n hurt, either.

    OK, this w/n seem to help much--but, there's no way to tell you what w/b on the test you see. 've heard there's more than one TEAS version which may appear. 'Tis said, that some things appear on one version, which d/n on the other.

    So--the more you know, the better-prepared you are.

    Trying to pepare for what one "knows" will be on the exam is, IMHO, futile.

    Looking for an edge?--my impression, from all I've heard, is that ATI expends much time, effort, and knowledge, to preclude one's getting that edge. What is tested is, what do you know? And, can you demonstate it?