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Took the TEAS the second time.... - page 2

First test: 66.7% Second test: 69.3% SERIOUSLY?! What is wrong with me?! It's so hard to accept because my health science GPA is a 3.9 (my school looks at that and the TEAS Score). ... Read More

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    Hi not sure if you have an iPhone but this TEAS app helped me study for the exam. I also used the ATI study manual. Try to figure out what your weaknesses are and really study those areas and you will do great on the next test.

    Good Luck!
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    Ok I just finished the Teas for the second time. The science was worse this time than last. The Math was easier than before and there were more passages to read than before. Oh well, I have to wait until next week to know the results!!! Long weekend...