Took the TEAS V Yesterday....

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    I passed! I apply to Nursing School in March! I am a very HAPPY CAMPER!!!!



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    Congratulations! What did you think of the TEAS test experience?
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    VERY nerve racking! I studied for a least 4 hours a day for at least a month M-F and took the weekends off.

    I was shaking soooo bad when I hit the submit button, I thought I was going to pass out! LOL
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    Does anyone know how they grade the teas v test? I would love to see someone's test score so I could figure out how they do it. It would help me know what I have to make in each section. I promis it will stay confidential. I'm a teacher too, so this is very interesting to me.
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    The scoring is not cryptic. It is just a simple matter of #?s correct / total # of ?s

    That is how the individual score is calculated. I believe there are about 220 ?s, but some of them are "test" questions that do not count toward your actual score. The program percentile is going to be based on the test takers at that test site or that school.

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