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  1. 1 I am taking the TEAS V test on Friday and am scared to death about the science section. I have been out of high school since 2001 and have not had any science since. Any suggestions on what to study or what kinds of things are on that section? Thanks!
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    Moving to TEAS forum in nursing student section.
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    I am taking it tomorrow. I have been studying the basic things: parts of cells (eukaryotes and prokaryotes), hydrocarbons, chemical bonds, types of energy, atomic number/weight/mass, density, genes/alleles/punnet squares, basic anatomy (the body systems, Peripheral & central nervous systems, pathways of the heart), chemical equations, basic nutrition (fats, carbs, protein & where they are all digested), balancing chemical equations, taxonomical classification, DNA and RNA plus purines/pyrimidines, meiosis and mitosis, and cellular respiration
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    Good Luck Zoe92...Please let us know how you did.. And are you studying from the teas guide??
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    @Candi7882, I received an 81.3% and I just posted all my study secrets in a thread, I saw that you commented on it Yes I only used the ATI study guide. No other study books and I did not purchase the online practice tests.
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    Good luck tomorrow chicaloca9999
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    Scored advanced! :-)
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    Congrats chicaloca9999, what did you study from??? And what your take on the exam???

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