TEAS V help!!

  1. I have just completed the test review. The teachers that they selected are the best they offer this twice a year at the central campus under continuing ed. The class is $75 not including the book I'm planing on taking the test after a week of studying!!!
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  3. by   Theone40
    Where is this review at ?
  4. by   akulahawkRN
    Please don't take this the wrong way, but is there something you'd like help with? I don't see what you need help with in your statement above.

    If it's general test-taking hints, I can say that you need to remember to breathe calmly and slowly during the exam. Hyperventilating and getting anxious or getting anxious and hyperventilating is not conducive to good test taking. The next thing I suggest is reading the question, then read the answers, and then re-read the question. Actually read the whole question as it's quite maddening to miss points on any exam simply because you skipped/missed a crucial word. You need to determine exactly what the question is asking you.

    If you've never taken an CBT before, I suggest you do some online practice tests just to get used to reading/pointing/clicking.
  5. by   Theone40
    I was looking to take a TEAS V review class, but can not find one in the Los Angeles area
  6. by   cnoto34
    The questions on the teas v were very similar to the questions in the ATI book. I took the test twice for a better score. The first time I took it I used a diff book and didnt do well but after studying the ATI book for a few months I did a lot better. I wouldn't spend extra money on classes
  7. by   sadangelbleu
    For all who want to know I passed