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Teas V exam, didn't go so well... - page 2

I took the Teas V exam yesterday, and i thought i had it. I only had less than a week to prepare. I had the ATI study guide and it helped refresh my memory with math. During the math portion of the... Read More

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    Congratulations on passing the second time!! Good luck with your nursing program!
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    how many times can you take the teas test for the nursing application process and how does it work? Do they give you the date in which you must take it or do you get to choose which date??
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    Omg I just failed the el camino teas as well on Friday. I also thought I had it but I was second guessing myself and didn't pay attention to time and failed horribly. How did remediation go for you? Is it a class or just a help center?
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    I am so happy for you. I just took the TEAS yesterday and didnt do well. Is there any advice that you could give me?