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Hello everyone, The TEAS sticky is great for general TEAS questions, but I wanted to start a more specific TEAS thread for TEAS V. For anyone who has taken both 4.0 and V, was there a big... Read More

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    I just took the teas V and didn't score as well as I was hoping. I am so happy ati does give a list of subjects to focus on based on wrong questions... but I was wondering for anyone who has taking the test more than once, will I have the same test/questions again? Should I just focus on studying for the material that was on my test or am I going to get completely different questions when I retake it???
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    I've took the test twice and the questions are different!!! And everyone is saying the Ati book is great but I dont think thats the only book to study from cause some of my science question were not in the book!!! I also suggest getting the Mc Graw Hill book some of my science questions topics were in this book!!!! I hope this helps!!! Im planning on taking it again but Im gonna take a Math and reading class to help because I know Im far from dumb but This exam is no joke!!! Good Luck!
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    OMG, thanks for confirming my worries about the UFO questions! I was planning on calling the company, because none of their answers make ANY logical sense at all, and actually contradict themselves in the answers section. So frustrating!
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    thanks for the advice
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    Did you get the same passages on your retake exam?

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