TEAS; timing questions (time/section)

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    Hi fellow pre/nursing students,

    I have a few questions regarding formatting of the TEAS test. I plan on taking the TEAS V in a few months and am starting my study plan and test strategy.

    First question:
    I read that the test is given on computer. I wonder if we can go back and forth if we want to skip and go back. I don't mean back and forth between different subjects but rather within the same skill-testing area. For example, in the "Reading Comprehension" section I found the first bunch of questions time consuming (practice test). If I wanted to skip those and go do all the straight forward ones and then come back to the beginning can I do that?

    Second question:
    I also read that there are 20 unscored questions throughout the exam. Does anyone know what these are for? Why are they not scored? Bonus questions would be just too good to be true

    Third question:
    In regard to the time allotted for each section: a)if we finish before time is up, may we move on right away to the next section? b)does any unused time compile to add to the next sections? (well I' pretty sure it's a 'no' on that one but just checking )

    Thanks for any input that would help me (and surely others) get set to attack the TEAS.

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    If you finish a section early, you cannot move on to the next until you are instructed to do so
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    Thanks for the info. I guess if we finish a section early we get meditation time before the next one?

    Anyone know about my first two questions?

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    If you finish a section early, you can move on to the next block. The computer will prompt you a few times to be sure that this is what you want to do, but it is possible. You will NOT get additional time in future blocks nor will you be able to return to a section once you have verified that you have completed it.

    I finished the Science section early and was able to move on to the English section a few minutes early.
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    You may skip ahead to questions in a particular section and go back to unfinished questions later. For example, I skipped over a few difficult science questions and went back to finish them after answering the easier science questions. You cannot, however, skip ahead or go back to questions from another section (if that makes sense).
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    Yes Cortisol that makes sense. Thank you so much for the reply. I just remember having placement testing at the college where I go and we had a choice of paper or computer... I chose computer but regretted it because we couldn't skip a question and go back! Glad to know we can do that on the TEAS.

    Now anyone know about those 20 unscored questions? What's up with that?

    Thanks everyone.
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    I'd like to know about that as well, unscored questions? I've never heard of such a thing! I'm also confused as to whether we're allowed calculators or not. I've seen some posts where people were and some who were not. I guess it's a regional thing? I also had no idea it was on the computer. Does that make the results come back faster? How long did it take to receive your scores?
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    I didn't take the test yet; just starting to get ready for taking it in a few months. I did see that it is sometimes offered on paper, sometimes on computer. I think this is decided by the college or test taking place. The college where I will take the test do it on computer and you get results the same day before leaving.

    As for the 20 unscored questions, I read about this both in the practice book and on ATI's website but cannot find more information as to what this is about. Today someone told me they think it's a sort of tool they use to gauge the difficulty of questions; they may sprinkle more difficult questions here and there to see how folks generally do on those. But then again that's just someone's educated guess. I'm curious to hear if anyone has a more official explanation.
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    Oh yeah and as far as I know there are no calculators allowed where I will take the test
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    The un-scored questions are experiment questions for ATI. They just want to know what questions are worthy of putting on the next test.

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